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In a case you are interested in historical mini-series about real characters who made the world like we know it right now, then you should definitely expect Rendezvous with Destiny: Roosevelt and Churchill season 1 premiere. This miniseries will discloses the secret meetings between these two politicians during the important historic periods.

Rendezvous with Destiny: Roosevelt  & Churchill season 1 release date is planned for the late 2016. Follow our updates to learn more about the upcoming premiere and the release date of this mini-series on DVD and Bluray.


The series is documentary so there is no cast per se, but there is the lead writer Robert Perry who is known for his adaptation of historic books.


In Rendezvous with Destiny: Roosevelt  & Churchill season 1episode 2 you will see landing on the Battleship HMS Prince of Wales, Churchill and FDR covertly meet surprisingly off Newfoundland on USS Augusta, to talk about battling Hitler, by marking The Atlantic Charter they set beliefs that shape the world from that point.

As the British Expeditionary Force makes a wonderful break, helped by the fearlessness of captains of many delight make from the shorelines of Dunkirk, alone Churchill’s Spitfires battle Hitler in the skies over Britain, as FDR furtively sends help via ocean.

Churchill comes to inhabit the White House to arrange the course of the war. A test for Eleanor, these "School young men" and oft’ late night drinking buddies concrete their relationship and future methodology. WSC and FDR burn through 113 days together amid the war, meeting 9 times taking all things together.

"Uncle Joe" Stalin plays both sides of the apparently unwavering Anglo-American cooperation, astutely sidelining Churchill, battling for an early European front, as none of the "Huge Three" perceive the future force of China in Chiang Kai-shek.

The British Empire is left at the Altar! Not long after Yalta, Churchill can’t go to FDR’s memorial service. His wistful photo of the "uncommon relationship" is found in another light. FDR’s hostile to Imperialism has destroyed the old world that WSC remained for.

Interesting Facts

  • As it was announced, Rendezvous with Destiny: Roosevelt and Churchill season 1 will be the mini-series that will consist of five 1-hour long episodes;
  • Rendezvous with Destiny: How Franklin D. Roosevelt & Five Extraordinary Men Took America Into the War  & Into the World by Michael Fullilove is a bookish source of Rendezvous with Destiny: Roosevelt and Churchill season 1 premiere.

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