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 If you like classic British history dramas then you are probably aware of the best in its kind TV show – Downton Abbey. The show has a critical acclaim all over the world. Already 5 seasons were released since 2010.

Right now the fans of the show are waiting for the upcoming Downton Abbey season 6 release date. The creators of the show tease the release of the sixth season that will appear than one may expect. There are also hints that the sixth season of Downton Abbey will be the last one, though it will finally end all opened plot lines.

"We have received wonderful feedback on the story, the acting and production quality of Downton Abbey this year. The whole team is delighted that we will move forward to the new season. This will give viewers the opportunity to see what happened to their favorite characters, "- said the executive producer of the show Gareth Him.

The fifth season of "Downton Abbey" was launched September 21, 2014 and will end on November 9th. The average audience of each episode of TV drama in the UK amounted to approximately ten million people.


What exactly will be disclosed in the last season is not yet specified. The director of the channel PBS, which traditionally shows a new season of TV show, Paul Craig said that we can expect the spin-off of this TV series:

"I cannot say with absolute certainty that this will certainly take place, but we are with Julian Fellowes we were happy to do it. Now the show is coming to stake and we can think about a kind of sequel".


The Plot:

In the courtyard of England in 1912, the last heir to the man at the family abbey of Downton killed on the liner "Titanic" among the next heirs to start the fight for the estate. They have to go through everything: suffering, pain, betrayal, to get, that’s what they were waiting for a very long time. But the show also is a place for love and passion between the opposite sides of the inheritance. Released Downton Abbey Season 6 will teach us a lot, for example, whether to bring their relatives because of the wealth and whether there is something far more precious…

Downton Abbey is on air since 2010. The show tells the story of an aristocratic family in the estate of Downton in Yorkshire, England, in the early XX century. "Downton Abbey" is one of the most popular contemporary TV show, the winner of the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe" awards. For example, the audience of the first show of the fourth season of Downton Abbey in the UK amounted to 9.5 million people in the United States audience just the third season is estimated at 24 million people.

Downton Abbey season 6 release date must be expected at the beginning of 2016 – on January 3.


What are waiting from the sixth season of Downton Abbey?

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