Rehab Addict Season 8

Rehab Addict Season 8 Release Date


Rehab Addict is a TV show with documental elements. It is debuted in October, in the year of 2014. And now, two years later, you will have an opportunity to see the 8th season of the season premiere.


The main cast to the serial can be names in such manner:

  • Nichole Curtis.
  • LeBron James.

It is directed by Andrew Myers. The serial is produced by Jose Muniz, Nicole Curtis, John Kitchener, Patrick Beedle, Matthew Schaefer, Andrew Levine, Max Weissman, Eric Klang, Liz Tracy, Victoria Toth, Brian Corneliess, Don Arangio, Ivan Leon, Keir Randall, and Katie Dixon.

The cinematographers are Eric Klang, Andrew Melby, Katie Dixon, and Christina Hilbig. When we talk about the editors, here we must mention Patrick Bryant, Jon Nealon, Cabot Philbrick, Keir Randall, Molly McKinley, Eric Lee, Antonia Tighe, Neil Gegna, Paul Stauffer, Lori Howell, Michael Hanna, Kimberly Pellnat, Ted Haines. The production managers are Steve Plumber, Alyssa Fox, Elena Sporilo, Anna Land.


Here in the center of attention you can see Nicole Curtis, who is an advocate for restoration and preservation. She works with the existing architecture over demolition when feasible. Her main philosophy is to restore modern organization.

Crew grew up in Michigan, in Lake Orion. He graduated the university in Georgia, Florida. Since 2014 he graduated the university and he works in such sphere. In that area he wanted to be the best and to become a real leader.

That serial will amaze you by the big amount of episodes. Each of which will present you the main idea of business and how to create it.


People, who wanted to be in the center of attention in their business, must watch that serial to understand the truth. It is not so easy to reach the aim in the first time, so, people try to do all, that they can do and then their wishes come true.

The running time of each new episode is about 22 minutes, so it is rather interesting to watch and you will have enough time for it. The Rehab Addict 8 Season release date is the 21st of March this year. When we start to talk about season air date, you mustn’t remember, that it is the same.

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