Redneck Island Season 6


Redneck Island is a reality serial with the elements of competition. The premiere of show was in the year of 2012 in December. But now we want to present the 6th season of the serial.


In that serial you will have an opportunity to meet a lot of talented people in cast. Among them we must mention the following:

  • Steve Austin and Becky Andrews.
  • Corey Cotton and Melissa Rycroft.

The serial is directed by Zach Kozek and Nick Murray. It is produced by Steve Austin, Chris Abrego, Rebecca D. Miller, Michelle Brando, Travis Johnson, Drake Kohn, Nicole Elliott, Clay Newbill, Alan P. Cross, Fernando Mills, and Kika Carasco.


Here in the center of attention you can see the people of different ages, who want to compete with each other in order to win the price. They come to an island, where no people live. And it is quite hard to survive here. In the center of attention you will see stranded contestants, which have great immunities from elimination.

Each week the group of contestants must pass different tasks and it is quite hard for them to be the best in all the spheres. Pay attention, that here not only man take part. A lot of woman also wanted to be in the center of attention. So they do their best to achieve good results. And in previous seasons woman also get the Main price.

In order to make a competition fair, here the destiny of each contestant is receive by the judges and the viewers. Each week they pass the exam or test, by the results of which the decision will be made. Sometimes, people think, that one or another person must stay or must go. But here the attention is payed to the different spheres – features of character, place in the team, and, of course, the benefit, which he or she brings.


If you like to watch the exciting shows, in which people try to struggle for the Main price, these one will be one of the best idea. Here you will enjoy the role of judges and the role of each contestant. People are stronger, that they think, but it didn’t stop them to make extraordinary and unusual things.

Each new episode will bring you joy. The Redneck Island 6 Season release date is the 17th of February this year.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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