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Red Rock Season 2 Release Date


Red Rock is an Irish drama, which will present you fictional seaside not far from Dublin. Its premiere appeared in January in the year of 2015, but we are glad to say about the second season premiere, which is already available for everyone. The Red Rock 2 Season release date is the 13th of August in the year of 2016.


This serial will amaze you not only by extraordinary plot but also with help of the professional cast. Here in the center of attention, the next characters will appear. Among them, we must underline the following:

  • Davis Crowley and Patrick Ryan.
  • Jane McGrath and Andrea Irvine.
  • Boyko Krastanov and Valerie O`Connor.
  • India Mullen and Richard Flood.
  • Denise McCormack and Roisin O`Donovan.
  • Pandora McCormick and Sean Mahon.
  • Paul Roe and Cathy Belton.
  • Anthony Brophy and Adam Weafer.
  • Ann Skelly and Stephen Cromwell.
  • Darragh O`Toole and Liam Carney.
  • Alan King and Una Nolan.
  • Fran Cooke and Geraldine Lynagh.
  • William Morgan and Rachel Sarah Murphy.
  • Michael Anthony Byrne and Sheila Flitton.
  • Joseph Irvine and Declan Mills.

The producers are Gareth Philips, David Roden, Paula Heffernan, Peter McKenna, Lauren Mackenzie, John Yorke, Ed Guiney, Hugh Farley, Owen McArdle.


That serial will present you the events, which appear in Dublin, in Garda Station. Here you will see the lives and professional exploits of service women and men. The investigation is a long Story, that will present you the war of two famous clans – Hennessy and Kiely.

The ensemble cast includes David Crowley, Jane McGrath, Boyko Krastanov, Patrick Ryan, India Mullen. Here in that season, you will see the strongest episodes, which will amaze you at all.


The running time of each new episode is 40 minutes. But some episodes can be more lasting – 60 minutes. If you will see episode by episode every day, you will be very satisfied and you will have a great pleasure. Be attentive, that each new episode has a lot of unexpected and Interesting events.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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