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The dramatic fate of the principal hero of the story titled “Rectify” should not leave untouched any viewer as it is much destroyed by people who have sentenced him to spend the rest of his life in the prison. But the fortune has delivered a new freedom to him then. The serial is revived for the fourth installment so we can follow the story in this year.

About the drama

Due to the story being poignant as well as tragic, the series could not but have become critically-appraised. The series production was entrusted to the experienced director named Ray McKinnon known for his participation in The Accountant, Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy and being also an executive together with some others from this team.
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Being by the genre a true drama, the award-winning project has been broadcasted in the cable and satellite channel called Sundance TV available for the residents of the USA.
Following the companies reference, we should name here Gran Via Productions and Zip Works. The acting is spearheaded by the brilliant performer named Aden Young. The rest of the performance crew includes Abigail Spencer, J. Smith-Cameron, and some others.
The drama appeared on screens for the first time in 2013 in spring. The latest third season was noted for emerging in summer 2015 with the small shift taking place thus. It serves as a miniseries being compiled every time of six episodes.

Plot summary

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It is hard and even impossible to find a person who can be envious of the principal character’s fate. Can you imagine yourself being put into prison to spend there the rest of your life being mistakenly convicted of the crime that involves raping and murdering of your second half? Exactly this happened to Daniel Holden. His life has seemed to be destroyed forever. But one day, some additional evidence of his innocence appears.
From the time of his imprisonment, twenty years have passed. And now he gets his freedom taken by the judge then. He came back home after spending the major part of his adult life on death row and now he should live following new rules and get used to his newly found freedom.

Critical acclaim and average figures

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Though there are only six episodes to follow in each season, they turn to be packed with suspense and much emotions igniting in the hearts of viewers while watching them.
As Sundance is not peculiar for high ratings in the whole, we cannot expect some breakthrough figures from the project that are broadcasted there. As for the concrete drama, the amount of watchers constitutes about 0.3 million people. The level of ranking is much higher after new episodes appear on various online resources. So it seems like the show deserves to be aired on the main co-project of Sundance.
The critical acclaim and the status of the award-winner inspire the developers to keep creating it.  Now the series is revived for the fourth season which premiere is slated for this year. The Rectify season 4 release date remains undefined yet.


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