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Rebellion Season 2 Release Date


Rebellion is serial, which was produced and broadcasting by Easter Rising. Here you will see a lot of events of the 1916 year. This year the season premiere appears, so now you have an opportunity to see the second season. The Rebellion 2 Season release date is the 16th of May in the year of 2016, so now you have an opportunity to watch it at any time.


Because of the huge amount of people in cast, you must be ready to see different Actors, who will satisfy you by all parameters:

  • Ruth Bradley and Paul Reid.
  • Brian McCardie and Tom Turner.
  • Michelle Fairley and Michael Ford-Fitzgerald.
  • Lydia McGuinness and Ian McElhinney.
  • Andrew Simpson and Gus McDonagh.
  • Jaelynne aWallace Ruane and Jordan Jones.
  • Millie Donnelly and Steve Wall.
  • Brian Gleeson and Sarah Greene.
  • Charlie Murphy and Marcus Lamb.
  • Barry Keoghan and Barry Ward.
  • Laurence O`Fuarain and Sophie Robinson.
  • Jason Cullen and Joanne Brennan.
  • Niamh Cusack and Michel Feast.
  • Ryan McAllister and Perdita Weeks.
  • Sebastian Thommen and Lalor Roddy.
  • Sean Fox and Stefan Dunbar.
  • Ruairi Heating and Jane Herbert.
  • Kiera O`Reilly and Camille O`Sullivan.
  • Jack Shepherd.

The producers are Clare Alan, David Crean, Donna Eperon, Jane Gogan, Andrew Lowe, Rob Pursey, Colin Teevan, Christian Vesper. The music is written by Stephen Rennicks. The editor is Benjamin Mercer.


That mini serial will show you the events, which took place in Dublin in the year of 1916. That drama serial is highly presented the World War I and its consequences. In the center, you will see a glorious campaign, which was dashed. The social stability was eroded and here comes the Irish nationalism. Also here you will meet a group of friends from Belfast, Dublin, and London. They have some conflicts, but their Main aim is to reach the independence and to live in the good country.


The duration of each new episode is about 52 minutes, so it is like watching one movie, which has a lot of events. You will be very glad to see such a serial.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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1916 – The Irish Rebellion Episode 1 Awakening

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