Ray Donovan Season 4

With the resumption being confirmed, the series that has already three installments behind its belt, is in the offing of its fourth release. So as far as it is known now, the upcoming part is slated for June 26, 2016. As we see, only a couple of weeks are left now before the debut pleases us again.

Describing the project

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With much prudence, the series referred to as “Ray Donovan” has been developed by Ann Biderman since its premiere year known as 2013 serving as a spearhead of the executive team. This crew is also joined by Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff serving as the leaders of the fabrication studio named as The Mark Gordon Company. The development issues are also resolved by a Showtime production.
The acting cast involves such names as Paula Malcomson, Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall, Kerris Dorsey, Devon Bagby, Steven Bauer, Katherine Moennig, and Jon Voight.
Getting closer to the genre, we must inform that it is a criminal drama in its nature that involves a professional fixer as a title character who turns to resolve challenges which various celebrities face.
As for the home channel, here it is Showtime. The premiere of this series was set as far back as in 2013 when summer season was at its middle stage. The recent chapter gladdened us also with the summer appearance in the antecedent year. The traditional amount of episodes is 12.
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As for the story itself

The title and consequently the central character of the story is named Ray Donovan. Here he serves as an expert in resolving the most trying times in the life of various stars including also athletes, and other sportsmen as well as just different big cheeses and millionaires. The story is set in Los Angeles, in the city that hasn’t been sleeping ever packed with diverse pernicious entertainments.

Summing up rating numbers

The series popularity now can be evaluated on average in 1.5 million people sitting in front of their TV sets when a regular new episode appears. It cannot be perceived as the breakthrough for Showtime. But as the matter stands, the producers can’t just simply get rid of it as it supplies the channel with a steady audience. At least, the series cannot be replaced by anything now. So the development is continued. There is also a chance that the series can gain traction and will progress during the release of the upcoming chapter.
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Staying relevant

As it became known after the release of the third installment, the developers were going to embark on creating the fourth one that was slated also to appear sometime in 2016. But as we supposed, it would be summer season launch as well.
Amidst spring 2016, the Ray Donovan season 4 release date was defined as June 26 this year. The upcoming pack of fresh episodes is to include Gabriel Mann (from Revenge) and Lisa Bonet (from The Cosby Show) as the new acting crew members. So let’s stay tuned and look forward the near premiere.


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