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We have inspiring news for those who have already appreciated the serial “Quantico” broadcast on ABC. The thing is that the creative team has stated officially that the second chapter will surely tale place. Meanwhile, the exact release date remains to be defined. Let’s hope that we will enjoy the following chapter this year.

A quick portion of necessary information about the new serial

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The given serial presents an undertaking of such companies as Random Acts Entertainment and ABC Studios. The home channel is as you have already guessed ABC. The directory duties are entrusted to Marc Munden and Stephen Kay. By genre, it is a thrilling story with speckles of action and drama. The debut was held in the preceding year if to be more precise in the middle of October.


The story is focusing on the military students that have come to headquarters in order to be trained in the course of six months long. They are from different social layers and possess different levels of specific skills. What they have in common is an irresistible desire to become the guardians of their country.
In parallel to this storyline, another one is developing. This second plot story depicts the results of a dreadful bombing in New York. The plot turns to be twisted that contributes to the constant increasing of anticipation feelings among viewers. So let’s leave the details of the story unrevealed. However, we should mention the principal characters of the story. So they are Alex Parrish, Natalie Vasquez, Ryan, Elias, and some others.
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How have the audience accepted the new serial?

The first rating numbers as well as the following ones were much satisfying and suffice for the series being renewed constantly. So the total number of viewers of the current season constitutes more than 6 million people. Isn’t it a prefect reason for developing the project?
It is curious that the original number of episodes included in the first season should be 19. However, then it was increased to 22.
The commentaries from regular viewers and critics are mainly positive. According to some negative reviews, the serial is founded on a very deadbeat theme of terrorism. It is stated that the sense of patriotism is too much exaggerated. Moreover, the serial is depicting some clich? heroes.
But still, such high level of ranking is a solid ground to suppose that the serial should get renewed.

Important news about renewals

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The second part of the current first season has been brought to broadcast by the way very recently if to be more concrete at the start of the previous month. But the developers announced about the resumption of the story in the form of the second season when these remaining episodes were yet to be aired on the channel. So the third chapter will take place without any doubt. As the Quantico season, 2 release date is so far unknown, we should be ready to keep abreast of the situation which can be changed any day.


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