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Detective stories were very popular during the times of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and other famous writers of this genre. But despite the fact that this kind of story on TV today has given its way to more dynamic pictures, the creators are finding ways of how to interest the audience with unusual and mysterious stories, adapting their scripts for a contemporary manner. One of such project is the British mini-series “Prey”, which currently has two fully completed seasons. Of course, all the fans care about one issue: will “Prey” return for series 3? Release date hasn’t been announced yet, all the viewers hope for the show’s soon appearance on their screens.

Plot Summary

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Both the seasons of this series are full of unexpected events and sudden turns of the plot, which makes “Prey” so attractive for its viewers.
Season 1 tells the story of the life of Constable Marcus Fellow, who is faced with serious challenges and unwittingly becomes involved in the tragic events that are closely connected with both his personal life and professional activities.
In Season 2 the main character is a prison officer named David Murdoch. His normal working routine is abruptly interrupted by a succession of unpleasant events, and the man is forced to take part in carefully planned escape of the prisoners, and he has no choice but to become one of the accomplices.
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Cast and Characters

This British mini-series is a crime thriller, which first appeared on ITV channel on April 28, 2014. Season 2 was released on December 9, 2015. The creator of the project is Chris Lunt, the script was written by Chris Ellis. The companies responsible for the broadcasting are Gallowgate Productions and ITV Studios. Each of the two seasons includes 3 episodes.
The role of Constable Marcus Fellow, the main character of season 1, belongs to John Simm, an award English actor. Philip Glenister who is also an actor from England, took part in season 2; he plays a prison officer David Murdoch.

Ratings and Predictions of Critics

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Critics’ opinions regarding “Prey” converge with the points of view of the audience: the series has a high-quality and thoughtful script and acting in it is at the highest level. The finale of Season 1 had an unusually great success, and its ending was watched by 7.25 million people on ITV channel. Such attention to the series hasn’t left indifferent Film Academy: the main actor of Season 1 John Simm won the award Best Male Performance, as well as the award of the Royal Television. Season 2 was not so successful, but in any case, the number of viewers was 3.5 million, which compared to Season 1 is not enough, but in general it’s quite good.
If the ratings of the show are sufficient, the ITV channel will launch Season 3, but no official information on the Internet has appeared. Anyhow, the fans of the series are looking forward to continuation and hope that the creators will make every effort to turn the show into even more interesting, exciting and unpredictable project.


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