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Though the launch date remains still unknown, the developers of the TV series heighten the fans’ interest towards the upcoming season via posting different videos where they talk about the development of the storyline.

Short review

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Power is considered to be the American TV series about the criminal world aired on the Starz channel. The filming of the first season was held at the end of 2013. The debut was set in June 2014. The following year was noted for the premiere of the second chapter.
The series stars Omari Hardwick (he was appointed for the performing of the main role in August 2013) Other actors and actresses (Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, Sinqua Walls, Lucy Walters, Adam Huss, Andy Bean) joined the cast in October 2013. The role of Kanan was played by the producer of the series, the famous rapper 50 Cent. Traditionally each season consists of 10 episodes. There is no doubting that the next season won’t lack this feature.

Plot summary

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The story of the series is focused on the life events of James Saint Patrick nicknamed “The Ghost”. The principal character appears to be the owner of one of the popular night clubs in New York and the main player in the biggest drug net in the city. James tries to combine these two roles, however, fails to do it.
Moreover, the principal character leads a double life concerning the love affairs. He made endless efforts to keep the marriage with his wife Tasha whom he loves with all his heart and relationships with his fake lover Angela Valdez who is considered to be the AUSA agent. Being involved in drug dealing he has nothing to do but keep Angela by his side as he uses her as a source of information.
He makes up his mind to leave drug dealing in order to concentrate his mind on his night club. Thus he made a choice in favor of a legitimate business. However, this comes to be not an easy task that can be accomplished right away.


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The immediate creator of the story is Courtney Kemp Agboh. She is pushing this series forward together with David Knoller, Curtis Jackson, Mark Canton and Randall Emmett. She seems to carry out her work in a responsible way, as the ratings of the multipart movie, especially its second part, were extremely high. Such number the producers of the Starz channel have not ever seen frankly speaking. Thus the successful emergence of the series comes to be the crucial event in the popularity of the channel.
The producers are sure to use this chance in the form of “Power” from now forward producing the new episodes of the beloved series. As it became clear in the previous year the beginning of the third season filming was appointed for September 2015.
The Power season 3 release date is yet to be announced. But the creators do not waste time nourishing the fans with appetizing posts on their official Twitter accounts. The admirers of the series turn to be its co-creators leaving commentaries to the video and sharing the exciting ideas about the continuation of the story with the current developers.

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