Portlandia Season 7 Release Date

Portlandia Season 7 Release Date


Immediately after the airing of the series in the 6th season of the TV series Portland, heads of IFC channel officially extended it directly on the 7th season. It now remains only to determine the exact release date for the new series. Assumingly, Portlandia season 7 release date was scheduled for the beginning of 2017. The release date of Portlandia season 7 on Bluray and DVD will happen in spring of 2017.


In Portlandia season 7 episode 1 you will still see such actors as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. The show will have guest stars. IFC will still broadcast the season.


The major current project faces are odd couple whose lifestyle is in many ways similar to the hippies. Couple of former SNL actors take part in the comedy sketch show. The action itself takes place in Portland, Oregon. They inhabit the small town of no more than half a million people, all of them with great attention to the environmental conditions and prefer organic food. In this corner of America collected bourgeois bohemians.

Despite the low popularity of Portland for the foreign regions in the country he is given a place of bohemian center. But the behavior of all its inhabitants not simply stressed polite, but also largely strange.

Each of Portlandia’s citizens engaged in some business, which is considered non-standard in the outside world. True local do not care. Moreover, the uniqueness they consider a matter of pride.

Interesting Facts

Portlandia season 2 is a parody of the previously released Behaviour of Portland;

Most of sketches in the show are improvised.

In Portland it is really still fashionable to stick to the ideas promoted in the 80s and 90s of the last century. There you can wake up at 11 o’clock, do not have a permanent job and fend non-permanent jobs. On retirement, go here young and still sell music CDs. Citizens, prefer cars bikes and skateboards, or trams. Welcome to Portland, alternate universe, is located in Oregon. Here their customs and practices reign that may seem strange to outsiders and even crazy, as well as the people themselves.

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