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The favorite blockbuster series about the criminal world in the USA is going to return to the screens, but it is still unknown when.

Short review

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Person of Interest is an American TV series produced in the genre of a detective blockbuster and a science fiction story. The home channel of the series CBS. The premiere of the first season was conducted on September 22, 2011. The latest fourth season was released in 2014. In May 2015, the channel announced that the series is to be renewed for the fifth season.
The series stars Sarah Shahi, Kevin Chapman, Taraji Pendon Henson, Michael Emerson, James Patrick Caviezel, and Amy Louise Acker. The director is considered to be Jonathan Nolan.

The plotline

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The principal character of the series is Harold Finch, a mysterious billionaire who has developed a computer system to the government which analyzes the data of video monitoring, telephone conversations, a chat correspondence, social nets, banking transactions, and other information in the USA. On this base, the system is able to predict the planned acts of terrorism.
Finch created it in order to prevent the events of 11/09/2011 from recurring. But later on, it turned out that the system can foretell the common civil crimes. The information about usual threats was recorded detachedly and then erased every midnight.
In the course of time, Finch came to a conclusion that a large amount of common crimes could have been averted if the data had been used. Finch, however, didn’t offer this idea to the government as he was and his friend Nathan Ingram became the victims of an assault. Nathan went west and Finch was declared to be dead.
After a serious injury which has paralyzed Finch partly he hires John Reese, the former so-called “dead” agent of CIA, in order to be supported in his intentions to bring these crimes to the end by means of using the resources and technical facilities of Finch and the intelligence of Reese.
Hereafter the detective Joss Carter (she was chasing them primarily), the former vendible policeman Lionel Fusco, the former agent of NSA Samin Show, and the hacker Root joined their team.

When to expect the launch of the fifth season?

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The ratings of the series are high enough to continue filming new episodes. About the beginning of the production and the release in the near future, the developers announced as far back as at the end of spring 2015. The Person of Interest release date remains unknown.
However, there is one interesting thing. Person of Interest is considered to be the only series that has not obtained a full season order yet. At the current time, season 5 is going to include only 13 instead of 23 episodes. This was followed by the appearance of some unpromising rumors that POI might replicate the fate of The Mentalist, the series that also got a short order for the last season and was eventually folded up. However, the situation is to become clearer only after the release of the new season.

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