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The theme of kidnapping by space aliens have always fascinated viewers, because history knows many mysterious cases and events, which are simply impossible to be explained from a logical point of view. But the authors of an American TV series People of Earth, which was recently released on TBS channel, decided to change the generally accepted concept of stories and filmed the show in a humorous genre. The second season of the program hasn’t ended yet, but the audience is concerned about when People of Earth season 2 will return. Release date of the coming second season premiere is still unknown, so everything which us remained is just looking forward to the next new episode and hope that the renewed season start will not take too much time to be launched.

Creators Crew

People of Earth Season 2 Poster
This comedy series debuted on October 31, 2016, just on Halloween. This part is supposed to contain 10 episodes each running about 30 minutes.
The creator of the project is David Jenkins, an American writer and producer. Executive producers of People of Earth are people deeply involved in the industry of filmmaking and able to select a high-quality cast. These people are:

  • Greg Daniels;
  • Conan O’Brien;
  • David Kissinger;
  • Larry Sullivan;
  • Jeff Ross.

The scriptwriters of the series are:

  • Charla Lauristo;
  • Emily Heller;
  • Brigitte Liebowitz.

The companies producing the series and distributing all its air date are Warner Horizon Television, Conaco and Deedle-Dee Productions. The channel broadcasting People of Earth and presenting a new season is TBS, a respected American TV network.

Plot Peculiarities

People of Earth Season 2 Spoiler
The main character is a journalist named Ozzie, who is committed to exploring the mysterious abduction of a whole group of people. At first he was skeptical of such an idea, but then his confidence grew weaker. Ozzie is increasingly thinking about the possibility of an alien invasion, and no longer is so sure that this option is completely impossible.
Among the actors who took part in this extraordinary and fascinating show, it is worth noting the following ones:

  • Luka Jones;
  • Wyatt Cenac;
  • Ken Hall;
  • Ana Gasteyer;
  • Michael Cassidy;
  • Alice Wetterlund;
  • Debra McCabe and others.

When new season air date is announced, the fans of the program will know if the cast has remained unchanged or not.

Current Rating and Prospects for Renewal

The first season release date was being awaited by the audience of 0.91 million. Of course, this number turned a little lower after some time, but, anyway, this result is quite good. Moreover, the series rating on IMDB has a 7.6/10 score, and this figure proves the viewers’ interest to the show. Stay tuned not moss the finale announcement concerning the schedule of episodes of season two and to make sure that the season 1 is not the last.


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