Pawn Stars Season 14

Pawn Stars Season 14 Release Date


Pawn Stars is a reality TV serial, which appear in the year of 2009. Here you can see the continuation of the story. Now we will talk about the 14 season premiere of the serial.


When we talk about the cast, we must divide it into several groups. The main characters are:

  • Richard Kevin Harrison.
  • Richard Benjamin Harrison.
  • Corey Harrison and Austin Chumlee Russell.

To talk about the minor staff, we must mention such people:

  • Danielle Peaches Rainey.
  • Olivia Black.
  • Antwaun Austin and Fat Back.
  • Johny and Scott.
  • Andy and Lilly.

Among the recurring cast we must mention:

  • Mark Allen and Brenda Anderson.
  • Jesse Amoroso and Joe Ashman.
  • Jemison Beshears and Jeremy Brown.
  • Rick Dale and Tony Dee.
  • Bob Demel and Ferdinand Geitner.
  • Craig Gottlieb and Mark Hall-Patton.
  • Johnny Jimenez and Danny Koker.
  • Dana Linett and Wally Korhonen.
  • Mark Logan and Brett Maly.
  • Drew Max and Paul Milbury.
  • Roy Page and Sean Rich.
  • Rebecca Romney and Charles Roof.
  • Murray SawChuck and Matthew C. Shortal.
  • Jay Tell and Bill Ybarzabal.


That serial will present you the events, which took place in La Vegas. Here you will see Silver Pawn Shop, which is owned by the family of Harrison. His business grow 24 hours a day, so he didn’t think, that something will change into the bad side.

He has an individual approach to every customer, besides, he rarely has any conflicts with any person. In the center of attention you will see, how ordinary people work and try to earn as much money, as they can. Then, when the time had gone, he launched a couple of on series and now he has a new business – American Restoration and Counting Cars Center.


People, who want to open their own business, must take such serial into account. Here they will see a lot of useful advices, besides, here presented the most spread mistakes, which they can do on the way to success.

If you decide to see it, you will be very happy to know, that such serial will be interesting for people of all ages. The duration of one new episode is 23 minutes. The Pawn Stars 14 Season release date is the 31rd of August this year. That will be useful information, when we talk about season air date.

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