Pacific Heat Season 2

Pacific Heat Season 2 Release Date

Pacific Heat is an animated situation comedy, which was produced and created in Australia. The season premiere of it was in November in the year of 2014. And now we have an opportunity to present the second one. The Pacific Heat 2 Season release date is the 13th of December in the year of 2016.


If there is a need to name the cast of Actors for this serial, we must mention the next people, who will appear here so often:

  • Santo Cilauro.
  • Tom Gleisner.
  • Rebecca Massey.
  • Lucia Mastrantone.
  • Rob Sitch.
  • Emma-Louise Wilson.
  • Stephen Hall.

The producers of the serial are Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Debra Herman, Michael Hirsh, Rob Sitch. The editors are Santo Cilauro and Phil Simon.


This animated serial will amaze people of all the ages – both children and adults will have an opportunity to watch and enjoy it at all. That is just an ordinary Story, which will present you the police officers, who always work under the covers because their Main aims are to find out, where the criminals are located. The title Pacific Heat is so Interesting and the most adorable one, because all the events took place in the Pacific Heat.

So, in the new season of the serial, you will see a lot of satire and clichés, so you can find it in police procedural TV show. The Main attention here is paid on the Australian coast and the criminals, which took place here. You will see a lot of petty criminals, which created the international cartels of drugs. And, of course, the protagonists will take place here, so the people, who will appear here, try to find the compromise with each other.


That cinema masterpiece was made for people, who wanted to see the animated TV serial and all the possibilities, which it has. People of all the ages can watch it, so if you have no idea, what to see on the weekend or in your free time, you can gather with your family and enjoy this serial from the first new episode till the last.

The duration of each episode is very suitable, so you will enjoy it at any moment of your life.

When the season air date is an important information, the data in this article will satisfy you. 

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