Outcast Season 1 Release Date

Outcast Season 1 Release Date


Robert Kirkman penned the script for the pilot episode of Outcast was directed by Adam Wingard (You’re Next). The show started its development in November, what is interesting, since the initial issue of comic hadn’t even been launched yet.

Outcast season 1 release date is planned for June 3, 2016. There is no data about the release of the show on DVD and Bluray. Let’s wait for the official update on DVD release date of Outcast season 1.


In Outcast season 1 episode 1 you will see such actors as Patrick Fugit, Philip Glenister, Gabriel Bateman, Melinda McGraw, Grace Zabriskie, Lee Tergesen and Brent Spiner.


Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) from early childhood obsessed with unclean spirits that brings him horrible suffering, both mental and physical. As an adult, Kyle started by a practitioner exorcist, Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) made desperate attempts to get rid of his obsession and return to normal life. Together with Anderson, who was plagued by personal demons, the young man goes on a long journey to find the long-awaited answers to the questions tormenting him. However, what was called Kyle during the trip, is able to change not only his own fate, but the entire course of human history. In order to not inadvertently cause the end of the world, Kyle decides to retire from the world and stops communication even with those whom he loves more than anything in life, not wanting to cause them unbearable pain.

Interesting Facts

Outcast season 1 premiere is based on the new comic series made by the creator of The Walking Dead franchise – Robert Kirkman;

Outcast season 2 is also planned by the creators – its production was confirmed on March of 2016;

The first season of Outcast will consist of 10 episodes;

Fox International Studios  & Robert Kirkman got the TV series before the comic book was publicized. Cinemax picked up the US rights for the application after the script was done. The show is produced by Fox International Studios for Cinemax in the US  & Fox international channels outside of US. Robert Kirkman’s Skybound is additionally  a producer on the show.

Promo Art

Outcast Season 1 Promo 1
Outcast Season 1 Promo 2
Outcast Season 1 Promo 3

OUTCAST Season 1 Comic-Con Trailer (2015) New Robert Kirkman Series

Outcast Season 1 Tease (Cinemax)

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