Orange is the New Black Season 4

Inspiring news is coming from the developers of the series under the title “Orange is the New Black”. The main thing is that the regular renewal is going to emerge right this summer. It also became known that season 5, 6, and 7 will be also broadcast till 2019 year.

Basic information: creators, cast, ratings

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Orange Is the New Black is a multipart TV comedy created by the American company broadcast on Netflix.
OITNB was developed by Jenji Kohan grounded on the book titled “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” written by the one and the only Piper Kerman.
The team of the executive producers includes Jenji Kohan, Sara Hess, Lisa Vinnecour, Mark A. Burley, and Michael Trim. The first season of the series debuted on Netflix on July 11, 2013.
At the end of spring 2014 Netflix officially declared the renewal of the discussed series for a third chapter. As the statistics have shown, the series progresses in its ratings with the new seasons coming out to please its fans.
The third season is considered to be now the latest renewal so far. It is noted for new cast participants, as for example, Mike Birbiglia, Mary Steenburgen, Ruby Rose, and Judy King. All of them are performing additional roles that contribute to the main plotline. The commentaries were mostly positive from the changes. Thus, it inspires the creators to develop the story.
However, some actors are not going to reprise their roles in “Orange is the New Black” They are Jason Biggs and Pablo Schreiber. Allegedly, Diane Guerrero is now willing also to play her role as Maritza Ramos any more.
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Also, on April 15, 2015, Netflix declared the continuation of Orange is the New Black in the form of the fourth season.
The renewal also shows that the showrunner for the series is to remain unchangeable. As it is known, the star cast of Orange Is the New Black has just become the winners of the award. It seems quite deserved if to believe the reviews and commentaries from the viewers.

What is the story based on?

Piper Kerman is a famous memoirist; she created the ground for so popular series as Orange is the New Black. She tells the story about a year spent in a women’s prison for laundering and drug smuggling. The series is co-produced by such companies as Lionsgate Television and Tilted Productions.
The drama depicts destinies of various women whom the fate has brought to prison for different reasons. The idea of the story is clear: a person should be thrown in the towel if he or she gets into prison.

Release details

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Cast
With the records in ratings, the producers have nothing to do but keep shooting the series in order to satisfy their channel’s viewers. The Orange is the New Black season 4 release date is considered to be June 17, 2016.
Moreover, the multipart film is officially to have three more seasons except the fourth one. This comes to be very good news, as the show is reckoned to be highly anticipated.


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