One Mississippi Season 2

One Mississippi season 2 premiere date is still to be announced by producers from the Amazon network. The producers have not announced the resumption yet. Stay tuned for news following our service to be the first one who will catch info!

About the Serial

One Mississippi is related to the scripted series on the Amazon platform. This online channel has launched the project on the first season air date of September 9, 2016. This was preceded by the appearance of the pilot episode in November 2015 which was accepted enthusiastically. The current number of episodes equals six with the duration of half an hour each plus one special. Can we expect the launch of season two?
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The series is produced by several companies including the following ones as FX Productions, Amazon Studios, and Pig Newton, Inc. The immediate creators of the serial are Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody.
The team of executives includes the names of again Notaro and Cody, as well as Kate Robin, M.Blair Breard, Louis C.K., and Dave Becky.

Naming the Members of the Acting Crew

The performance cast is spearheaded by Notaro starring in the serial in the main role. Other characters are played by such:

  • Noah Harpster;
  • Casey Wilson;
  • John Rothman;
  • Stephanie Allynne;
  • Rya Kihlstedt; and some others.

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Following the Plot

The main heroine is a woman who has to come back to her homeland after the death of her mom that has happened unexpectedly. Suffering herself from a serious disease, she cannot believe all this is occurring. Why does the universe deprive her of the most understanding person in her life? Her tiresome girlfriend only adds fuel to the flame creating more challenges for her psyche.

As for the Ratings and Renewal Potential

When will the first new episode of the second installment appear? Can it be launched ever? Asking the former question, at least, it would be better to address to the exact rating figures from the first season premiere in order to evaluate the chances somehow.
We can rely on the scores on various aggregator websites now, as info of the viewership is not available since it is Amazon. The score on IMDb corresponds to 7.1 points out of 10, as of today. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is much higher – 92%. It is a perfect result, is not it?
One Mississippi Season 2 Cast
The reviews lavish with favor. The series is perceived as gritty and sad yet the one that cannot leave the audience unfazed. The power of the story is great and cannot be understood just by anyone yet this specifically defines its worthiness.
All above-mentioned can lead only to one conclusion – the series renewal is much probable than the cancellation. The second season release date is destined to be announced in the future. Moreover, is there essence in creating serial composing of only one installment? What your personal mark to this project? Shar your thoughts with us in the comments below!
The One Mississippi season 2 release date cannot be announced now since it is early for this. Stay tuned in order to be notified of any changes in time!


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