Offspring Season 7

Some critics consider that it is time to say farewell to the series entitled as Offspring. Whether the continuation of the six-season story is to take place in the future or not, we will see next year.

Main Production Info

The series serves as a long-running settler on Network Ten on Australian television. The first debut is dated back to 2010. Already six installments are available for viewing. The latest debut has been held in June 2016 after the two-year break in the broadcast.
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The mixture of the two opposite genres of drama and comedy, Offspring is a feather in the cap of such creators as Debra Oswald, John Edwards and Imogen Banks assisted by the team of executives composed of Rick Maier and Rory Callaghan. Endemol Australia is the company behind the production. Asher Keddie, the central role performer, leads the acting crew. The other members of the cast are Kat Stewart, Don Hany, Deborah Mailman, Eddie Perfect, Richard Davies, Linda Cropper, John Waters, and Matthew Le Nevez.

Plot Summary

At the center of the story, there is Nina Proudman, a charming 30-year-old lady serving as an obstetrician. Together with her friends and family members, she is involved in all those ups and downs of the life.
It seems that the story is a conventional yet nothing of the sort! The narration is given in a quite extraordinary way with flashbacks, fantasy sequences, and animation.
What issues does this young woman have for resolving specifically? Well, there are many of them in her life, as for instance, her love affairs, career, single motherhood, complicated core family issues. Practically every modern woman knows all these challenges.

Steady Ratings and High Scores

The release of all seasons of this series has been noted for quite a steady success with viewership constituting about 0.85 million watchers per episode. Such a rating level has been maintained also during the broadcast of the latest season.
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The scores on various websites are high. On IMDb, for example, it equals 8.2 out of 10.
Among the victories, we should name the TV Week Logie Awards and an Australian Film Institute Award. Moreover, there are multiple nominations in different categories in the history of the project.
The chances of a bright future of the series are thus high and we keep monitoring the situation with the dramedy.

Following Recent Developments

The sixth season concluded in this past September with Nina making a crucial decision in her life, as she comes to understanding that she won’t have any more children and move forward with her life, bidding farewell to the past. What will be her future? We will see this in the new installment is it will be launched in the future.
The chances of either renewal or cancellation are equal, for the reviews for this season are not as unanimously positive as for the preceding ones. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the resumption, as well as for the Offspring season 7 release date.


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