“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 3

"NCIS: New Orleans" Season 3


"NCIS: New Orleans" (Season 3, release date – September 22, 2016) is a well-known spin-off of unusual TV series. This television series, having detective elements, pleased all fans of the movie "NCIS." The film is directed by James Whitmore Jr. and Tony Wormbi. The world premiere of the film took place in year 2014. In this show we will focus on the hard work being done under cover. This department was named NCIS. It is investigating the most dangerous crimes and murders.


  • Scott Bakula,
  • Lucas Black,
  • Zoe McLellan,
  • Rob Kerkovich,
  • CCH Pounder,
  • Daryl Mitchell,
  • Rocky Carroll
  • Shanley Caswell,
  • Steven Weber,
  • Gene Kevin Heyms ml.,
  • Christopher Heskey,
  • Samantha Beaulieu,
  • Steve Kish,
  • David McCallum,
  • Dean Stockwell


The series "NCIS: New Orleans’ (criminal detective Story) is a spin-off of "NCIS."

New Orleans is very much famous among some American soldiers. Everyone knows that a lot of employees leave here in order to get some rest. The whole city adapted to the unbridled joy, adventure and other entertainment for adults. Merry Brody moved to a new location and changed the service, to join with the group, revealing the loudest and tangled city crimes.

Her manager Dwayne "The King’s" Pride is loved by everyone starting from the ordinary inhabitants of the district, ending with the senior officials. He forged his reputation over the years. As you can see now he is reaping the benefits of decent behavior and help the needy.

The first case, which involved Merry, becomes a murder investigation of a young sailor, at the time rescued from the bad influence of street gangs King.

Around this case, there is a set of ideas and guesses, but the detectives realize that what lies on the surface, only covers the ugly truth.

And the worst thing is the helplessness of police at the moment: they are able to find the perpetrators, but to prove the involvement of some of them is not possible. For Pride, this situation is only the extra motivation to work harder in order to bring evildoers to clean water.


The second season of «NCIS: New Orleans» drew to screens of up to 15 million people and it gave a positive result for the new season that will be full of new mysteries.

The 1st episode, written by G. Glasberg, was featured as part of the eleventh part of the television project "NCIS" March 25, 2014 (the first part) and 1 April 2014 (Part Two).

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444 'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 3 2
444 'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 3 3

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 Episode 2 ,, Hey Percy, are we good?" Asked LaSalle /Last Szene

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 Episode 1 ,, I just like you"!

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