Nashville Season 5

One of the most popular TV channels in the USA titled ABC is currently to shape the future of the musical drama “Nashville”. Let’s hope the serial won’t be canceled only due to the ratings dropping down with the release of the latest fourth season.

Production info about the musical serial

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Nashville is considered to be a drama in the form of the series by American production. The creative team is led by Callie Khouri. The fabrication company is presented by Lionsgate Television.
The acting cast includes such famous personalities as Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere being the performers of the leading parts in the story. The debut of the story was held at the end of September in the preceding year.

Plot summary: main characters and their life events

The events in the story are held in Nashville and enlarge upon the life of two singers. They are Juliette Barnes, a sexy charming lady and Rayna James, the queen of country music in her past. Rayna has to struggle her way back to the top list of country singers by means of adapting herself to the standards that modern life offers.
Juliette Barnes had a very hard past full of troubles. This fact is influencing her life today and also contributing somehow to her future.
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In the latest season, Juliette has dropped below the ground level. She is beside herself with grief and can’t cope with her problems without her friends. However, these friends come to be not so reliable people who can turn her to the most right way in her life. But she understands it too early. Her spouse is not to come back to her. And it seems to her that suicide is the only way out in this situation.

What can we say about the ratings?

The serial debuted with more than 4 million people who gathered in front of TV screens in the wait for the dramatic story to unfold.
The latest season has got a decrease in the rating level, specifically by near 10%. However, it should be the reason to cancel the project. The creators have great chances to revive the story returning the ranking as in the case of the pioneer season. The show is, thus worth being continued as the project is full of suspense that is increasing with the release of each episode.

When can we expect the renewal of the serial?

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The second part of the fourth season has been brought to broadcast in the middle of the preceding month. As it is known the serial was on Christmas break and the launch of episodes has been stopped for some time.
So far there is no information about the Nashville season 5 release date as well as about the possibility of its resumption. Let’s arm ourselves with patience and hope that the creators of the serial will decide the fate of the project in favor of continuing the story as it is worth at least trying.  So we must be ready to receive details about the following episodes any day. So stay tuned with us in order not to miss any kind of important data coming straight from the reliable official resources.

Update: Nashville Season 5 Release Date Confirmed!

It’s good to bring good news. We are happy to tell you that Nashville Season 5 release date is finally public knowledge. The season will premiere on December 15, 2016. It’s going to be very soon, so you are probably reading this as the season is on air, unless you’ve found this article before.
If you don’t want to miss the release dates of other series, we recommend that you subscribe to stay informed. After all, season 5 might not be the last season after all.


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