Morgana Robinson`s The Agency Season 2

Morgana Robinson`s The Agency Season 2 Release Date


Morgana Robinson`s The Agency is a mockumentary TV series, which was created in Great Britain. The season premiere was on September in the year of 2016. But, if we talk about the second season, you must know, that it is already available. The Morgana Robinson`s The Agency 2 Season release date is the 20th of October in the year of 2016.


The cast for this serial is not so small, but we didn’t want to present you all the characters. So, you must pay attention only to the following ones:

  • Cavan Clerkin.
  • Morgana Robinson.
  • Gemma Whelan.
  • Rebecca Humphries.
  • Laura Checkley.
  • Jamie Demetriou.
  • Natasia Demetriou.

The director is Tom McKay. Among the producers, we must name Jack Bayles, Neil Webster. The editor is Mark Henson.


This Australian comedian TV series will present you an impressionist by the name of Morgana Robinson. Here she plays the Main role and together with her you will see Vincent Mann, who is the owner of a talent agency. He has a lot of clients of different genders and all of them are rather self-confident.

Here you will see a lot of celebrities, besides, you will have a great opportunity to see, how they live and what the problems do they have and what methods they use to solve them.

The list of new celebrities includes Miranda Hart, Russell Brand, Gregg Wallace, Mel & Sue, Adele, Danny Dyer, Joanna Lumley, Natalie Cassidy.

During this serial watching, you will understand, that the life of celebrities is not so easy because sometimes they just want to hide from everyone and to spend the time in the great atmosphere.


People, who want to change something in their lives, will have a great opportunity to watch the greatest serial and to estimate all the details of it. Each character, who is presented here, will satisfy you, you will get a great delight while watching the serial episode by episode.

The running time of the new episode is not so big and very suitable – you will enjoy each episode for 30 minutes, so you wouldn’t have any problems with it.

You can use the following information when you need to name the season air date.

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Morgana Robinson`s The Agency Season 2 2
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