The “Moonshiners” Season 6

The 'Moonshiners' Season 6 Release Date


The "Moonshiners" (Season 6, release date – unknown) tells about the criminals who continue the tradition of the dubious, often in the woods near the house using camouflaged equipment, and local authorities, who are trying to guide them on the right path. Have a look "into the kitchen" of this illegal business, which almost never see on television, including the initiation of bootleggers – ignition distillery for the first time.

For many inhabitants of the region of the Appalachian handicraft production of whiskey is a business bringing tens of thousands of dollars per month, but this business is prohibited by state law.


  • In the series, we will look at:
  • Bob Hope,
  • Virginia Mayo,
  • Walter Brennan,
  • Walter Slezak,
  • Victor MakLaglen,
  • Marc Lawrence (I),
  • Hugo Haas,
  • Brandon Hurst


Think underground moonshine disappeared with the abolition of Prohibition? Nothing like this! Today, the business is still illegal, but that does not cease to be less profitable, and therefore attractive!

The "Moonshiners" TV show tells about the criminals who continue the tradition of the dubious. Usually they do this in the forest not far from their houses. By the way local authorities are trying to guide them on the right path all the time. You have a great possibility to become a witness of this illegal business, that has never been shown before. It is a great opportunity to discover all the secrets of these people.

This series will show you all the secrets of brewing. What secrets are hidden behind this mysterious process? Water, sugar, grain and yeast – these are the Main ingredients of the brew. Brewing season runs from June to October, and it is no coincidence, because it is exactly at this period people are gathering grain harvest and abundant forest foliage helps to hide illegal activities. For the most diligent manufacturers three summer months can bring a lot of money. Those who are lucky – real lucky, but one wrong move can cost in prison!


This series is not just a show, this is real life of real people. "Moonshiners" is a fascinating documentary about the life of people in the Appalachian Mountains.

Underfloor moonshine vengeance flourishes in America, and, moreover, our bootleggers get fabulous profits from the illicit business.

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Moonshiners Sneak Peek | Premiering Tuesday, December 6 at 10PM e/p on Discovery*

Moonshiners Season 2 Sneak Peek | Wed, Nov 7 at 10/9c on Discovery

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