Monsters Inside Me Season 8

Monsters Inside Me Season 8 Release Date


Monsters Inside Me is a documental TV serial, which was made and produced in America. Here you will see the Story of infectious disease. Earlier you have seen the previous season premiere, but now we have the aim to present the 8th season, which will amaze you at all. The Monsters Inside Me 8 Season release date is the 1st of November in the year of 2016.

Monsters Inside Me Season 8


Among the cast of Actors, we want to pay attention at the most outstanding and talented. Here you will meet:

  • Dan Riskin and Tony Dadika.
  • Natasha Strang and Kevin Kazacos.
  • Daniel Caplivsky and Stasi Schaeffer.
  • Mark Williams and Christopher Spurrier.
  • Kent R. Williams and Lorenzo Beronilla.
  • William Andrew Brewer and Jeffrey Brewer.
  • Matt Gorsky and Rachel Leighson.
  • Lane Kwederis and Adam Lim.
  • Wendy Berrios and Aaron Dallas.
  • Christopher Durant and Mallorie Greiner.
  • Tony Richardson and Broughton Coburn.
  • Steve Hastings and Aaron Motsinger.
  • Lori Roberts and Kurt Pearson.
  • Steve Speelman and John Taverner.
  • Kenny Watson and Alana Tillim.
  • Leslie Abram and Gene Williams.
  • Helen Barden and Hannele Cox.
  • Bill Hillier and Lisa Mallet.
  • Karla Rauch and Paola Berrios
  • Jennifer Durant and Marsha Greiner.
  • Valerie Richardson and Kristen Butterfield.
  • Jenni Hastings and Jasper Lawrence.
  • Jason Reichenberg and Manisha Roberts.
  • Lynore William and Dian Watson.
  • Pattrick Abram Jr. and Dennis Barden.
  • Amy Cox and Charlie Evans.
  • Amanda Hillier and Cody Mallet.
  • Michael Rauch and Danny Babb.
  • Carlos Pardo and Steve Skoda.

The Story is directed by Remy Weber. The producers are Beth Hope, Martha Ripp, Nicola Moody, Erin Wanner, Kyle McCabe, Craig Shilowich.


Here you will see the season with medicine and documental effects. Here the disease will be presented. Each new episode you will know the information about one or another illness, which appear on the planet Earth. And each time the scientists and doctors will try to find or to make medications to cure it.

Each disease, which will be shown, has parasites, infectious agents, traumas. So, to overcome it, you must watch the serial and follow the recommendations.


If you are interested in medicine branch, this serial, especially such season will be very Interesting for you. Each new episode lasts for 45 minutes.

You can use the following information when you need to name the season air date.

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