Midsomer Murders Season 19

Midsomer Murders is a detective TV series released in the UK. The series has been released since 1997 being one of the longest and most popular series on ITV. The series is created on the base of a series of books written by Caroline Graham. The adaption was prepared by Anthony Horowitz. The main character of the series is named John Barnaby (portrayed by Neil Dudgeon).

He’s a detective working for CID. This character replaced the former leading character also working at DCI named Tom Barnaby (portrayed by John Nettles). Midsomer Murders season 19 release date has already been announced and we’re ready to share this exciting info with you! Read further to when the 19th season will be released. The release is planned for this year!
Midsomer Murders Season 19 date release

Plot & Cast

The action of the series revolves in England of nowadays. The main character is Tom Barnaby (eventually changed for John Barnaby). He does his best to solve the hardest of mysterious murders happening in the area. The places he lives in are picturesque and idyllic. It’s the Midsomer county – a fictional place. The Barnabys co-worked with a number of sergeants changing one another successively. They were Gavin Troy (portrayed by Daniel Casey), Dan Scott (portrayed by John Hopkins), Ben Jones (portrayed by Jason Hughes), Charlie Nelson (portrayed by Gwilym Lee) and currently Jamie Winter (portrayed by Nick Hendrix). The last one is participating in the filming of the new seasons.
Midsomer Murders Season 19


Midsomer isn’t a real place. The action of every new episode of the series revolves in Causton – one of the small towns in the county. Here Tom Barnaby, the chief detective inspector lives together with his wife. He works in CID – short for Criminal Investigation Department. The series looks attractive because of the contrast between the picturesque and calm landscapes of the place combined with unpredictable cruelty and violence of the crime committed in the area. The setting is peaceful, but the events happening there are shocking. The fictional county of Midsomer is partially inspired by Somerset county.
Midsomer Murders Season 19

The series looks special because of original humor of the situations. Of course, it’s mostly black humor. It’s often connected with the ways people were murdered. For example, one of the women in town was killed with a head of cheese. Most part of the scenes in the series are a classic example of dramedy. (dramatic comedy). Midsomer Murders tries not to look too serious – this is what makes the show truly appealing.

19th Season Air Date

The series was renewed for one more season to be released this year. The 19th season release date is the 18th of December 2016. Get ready for more investigations in the foggy atmospheric county of Midsomer together with the charming characters.

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