Meet the Parents Season 2

Meet the Parents Season 2 Release Date


Meet the Parents is a comedy game show, in which the hidden cameras took place. The season premiere was on November in the year of 2010 and now you can see the second season of the serial. The Meet the Parents 2 Season release date is the 10th of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors will be really Interesting and unusual. And here you will see the Main and recurrent characters. But we will present you only the Main people:

  • Richard Brimblecombe.
  • Scott Hazell.
  • Jane Cunliffe.
  • Dominic Coleman.
  • Charlotte Palmer.
  • Ben Clark.
  • Jessica Knappett.

The director of the serial is Paul Young. The producers are Rachel Springett, Laura Clark, Ben Jessop, Lee Hupfield, Andrew Newman. As for the sound department, it is important to mention Emanuele Costantini, Jez Foden, Peter Gates, Jasmine Allodi.


The Main concept of this serial is to present the people, who are singles. They try to find the second halves and they do a lot of things to reach such an aims. Here in the center of attention, you will see romantic singles, who do everything to find the native soul, but that was too hard for them to reach such an aim.

So, the parents of these people try to help them by using this show. Mothers and fathers meet with the best candidates in order to choose the greatest one. They do the meetings on which they try to communicate with each other.

Of course, parents are sure, that their daughter or son will be the best person in the world. But here the person, who wanted to find his or her love will also play a very important role. If everything will be all right and the couple will satisfy each other, they get the price and they continue the relationships.

Very often here appeared the situations, in which parents aren’t right. But the truth about one or another person will be soon available for everyone.


This serial will be very Interesting for you because here a lot of unexpected moments will appear. If you want to have fun and to spend your free time in the pleasant company, we are sure, that this new episode will be the best one.

When we talk about this serial, it is very important to mention about season air date.

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