Masters of Sex 4 Season Release Date

Masters of Sex 4 season release date

Masters of Sex 4 season release date was confirmed by Showtime. Get the detailed information below.

During three seasons, this series shows the good ratings in the United States. Naturally, many viewers want to learn when they will be able to watch Masters of Sex season 4 episode 1?
There is confirmed information that Showtime extended the show and we will have Masters of Sex 4 season premiere next year. The official statement was made. The main characters will also remain in the TV show.

Masters of Sex 4 season release date was confirmed

The Plot:

The plot is based on the popular book by Thomas Mayer (the full title of the book "Masters of Sex: Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, a couple who taught America to love"). This story at its time aroused the strong interest among many readers. We will see the history drama about people who call themselves scientific sexologists. They conduct extensive research of human sexuality and are trying to find out how to make people get satisfaction from sex. William and Virginia were the true pioneers in their studies. These people were not afraid at the time to raise the topic of sex and to show how to love their other half.
Masters of Sex 4 season release date must be expected somewhere in July of 2016.
Masters of Sex 4 season release date on DVD and Bluray will probably appear at the end of 2016.
Watch Masters of Sex 3 season trailer:

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