Being Mary Jane Season 4 Release date

Being Mary Jane Season 4 Release Date


Being Mary Jane (season 4, release date — pending) is a TV series of an American production. The genre of the series is drama. The pilot episode (one and a half hour long) was shown in the summer of 2013.The premiere of the series took place on 7 of Jan. 2014. It is about a woman named M?ry Jane Paul who lives in Atlanta and works as television news anchor. Both her personal and professional lives are full of different interesting events. She has to manage various issues to maintain her life balanced.

In 2013, it was officially announced that the show would be continued. The premiere of season 2 took place on of 3 Feb. 2015. In two days, it was announced that season 3 would be filmed, the premiere of which took place on 20 of Oct. 2015. Season 4 is being filmed and the premiere is expected to be shown in January of 2017.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Gabrielle Union,
  • Aaron D. Spears,
  • Margaret Avery,
  • Raven Goodwin,
  • J. Britt,
  • Richard Roundtree,
  • Latarsha Rose,
  • Richard Brooks,
  • Lisa Vidal,
  • Stephen Bishop,
  • Omari Hardwick,

The recurring cast of the series includes:

  • Robinne Lee,
  • Thomas Jones,
  • Daniella Alonso,
  • Navia Robinson,
  • Loretta Devine,
  • Br?ly Evans,
  • Salli Richardson,
  • Gary Dourdan,
  • Tatom Pender,
  • Kelly Rutherford,
  • Ryan Homchick,

Guests of the show include:

  • Dorian Missick,
  • Christina Vidal,
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt,
  • Dwyane Wade,
  • Darrin Henson,
  • Kyle Massey,
  • Sheila Frazier,
  • Jasmine Dustin,
  • Lorraine Toussaint,
  • Wayne Brady,
  • Ludacris,
  • Frances Burnett,
  • India Arie,
  • Mike Epps,
  • Ava DuVernay.


Mary Jane Paul has a great career as a journalist but her personal life is not that great. The woman wants to find a life partner. Although she is a self-sufficient person but it is not that easy to remain a successful television news anchor and manage all the issues happening in her personal life. She wants to have her own family and children but finding a perfect man takes time.


Mainly, the critics’ reviews have been positive.  The premiere of the show has attracted more than 4,000,000 viewers.  The show has become the winner of a range of award, including Outstanding TV Movie, Outstanding Actress, and others.

The pilot of the show has shown the great results and that is why season 1 ordered even before starting showing season 1.

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Season finale of Being Mary Jane, this Tuesday!

Being Mary Jane movie premiere on BET Tuesday, July 2 at 10:30P/9:30C

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