Married with Secrets Season 2

Married with Secrets Season 2 Release Date


Married with Secrets is a new reality TV series, which was created in America. Here you will see the documental background. The season premiere was on October this year and now you can see the Story continuation. The Married with Secrets 2 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


If we talk about the cast to that serial, it is important to mention the people, who play the Main roles here. Here also the recurrent characters will appear, but the list of them is rather big. So, you will see:

  • Craig Klein.
  • Pamela Portnoy.
  • Andrew Luke Nielson.
  • Jenna Osterlund.
  • Scott Parietti.
  • Adam G. Simon.
  • Michelle Lane.

The director of the serial is Greg Francis. The producers are Ashley Crary and Tyler Harrell. As for the editors, here we must mention Christopher Cavanagh and Bobby Munster.


This series is focused on the couples, who are married many years ago and on those, who married not so long ago. Now they live together and everything is good in their lives. But earlier, when they try to prepare the wedding day, one of the partners or even both were seriously threatened. So, they have no exit in such a situation and they must control everything, what they do and where they are.

So, as you could understand, sometimes marriage can turn into a nightmare for both partners. These documental explorations are shown here in very details, so people will see the truth and all the secrets will be broken. Of course, many people have their own secrets, but not every couple has the problems like this. Here people come to get the help, what they need and sometimes they are involved in the dangerous games, so it is so hard for them to act without the help of the real professionals in that deals.


People, who have married not so long ago, will be happy to see that serial from the beginning until the end. Here a lot of Interesting conclusions will be made and they will help you to understand, what the person is your second half.

The new episode is rather extraordinary, so you will remember it for a long period of time.

The season air date is an important thing because it will help to understand when the serial was launched.

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