Married at First Sight: The First Year Season 3

Married at First Sight: The First Year Season 3 Release Date


Married at First Sight: The First Year is a reality TV serial, which firstly appears in the US. Here you will see different couples, who try to overcome the difficulties after a wedding day. The 3rd season premiere of the serial is already available for everyone. The Married at First Sight: The First Year 3 Season release date is the 9th of February this year.


The series cast is not so big, but you will be satisfied with the play of each actor. They are the real professionals. It is time to mention the following people:

  • Cortney Hendrix.
  • Jason Carrion.
  • Jamie Otis.
  • Doug Hehner.
  • Pepper Schwartz.
  • Nephtali Rodriquez.
  • Logan Levkoff.
  • Joseph Cilona.
  • Razor Rizzotti.
  • Gerrit Jones-Rooy.

The producers are Chris Coelen, Kathleen Burns, Brenda Coston, Sam Dean, Liz Fine, Matt McUsic, Gena McCarthy, Ricardo Ramos, Colin Whitman. The cinematographers are Johny Kingsboro, Thomas Parfitt, Malcolm Serrette, Greg Harriott. The editors are Bryan M. Horne, Aaron M. Noble, Vincent H. Ly, Mark Anderson, Leo Papin, Julie Antepli, Eileen Mulvey, Amy Barbour, Jason Groothuis, Kimberly Fennik, Geoff Plymale, Michael Sparks, Victoria English, Mario Roman, Michael Verna.


That season is a really extremal social experiment, which will present you the six people or three couples, who are of different social status and have different assistance. Here you will see sociologist, psychologist, sexologist, and spiritual counselor. They believe, that they find the second halves and now they want to get married and live happily.

Until the day of the wedding, that can`t contact with each other. Here you will see the Story about one couple, which made a decision to do the secret wedding. And since such event, they try to document their life in order to show the people, that the love, at first sight, is existing.

A lot of people think, that their relationships will change greatly, but they wanted to prove, that they love each other and they can`t imagine their lives without each other. Sometimes they quarrel and have problems in the relationship, but with help of it hey become stronger and they believe, that the Main secret is understanding and good personal life.


The duration of each new episode is 42 minutes. When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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