Luke Cage 1 Season Release Date

Luke Cage 1 season release date

Luke Cage 1 season release date has been rumored by Netflix. Check the details below.

When to expect for Luke Cage season 1 episode 1 premiere? What should we expect from this series?
The future Netflix series will be about another infamous superhero Luke Cage. As before, the supermen screen versions of Captain America and Hulk, Luke was the next test in the experiment with the serum for the soldiers, which enhances endurance and strength. This enabled him to become immune to most weapons.
Luke Cage was a difficult teenager, as raised in the most dangerous and criminal district of New York City – Harlem. And he was the best friend Wilson. At first they were thieves and Wilson were engaged in petty robberies until risen. Both changed and fell in love with a girl Reba Connors.

Luke Cage 1 season release date has been rumored by Netflix

Wilson learned of his friend, put Luke’s apartment drugs and reported this to the police. In prison, Luke offered to commute the sentence if he agrees to participate in the experiment, "Superman." Luke agreed, but the guard immediately took a dislike to Luke and during the experience, he knocked out instruments and plucked experiment.
The experiment ended in failure, and in a laboratory explosion. Luke Cage was killed and became the owner of great strength and impenetrable skin. He easily punched his fist concrete wall and disappeared. In the morning, police found a shirt Cage with holes from bullets and decided that he was dead. Once Luke saw a thief robs a restaurant. He caught the thief and returned the loot. The restaurant owner generously gave him, and then Luke came up with a brilliant idea: with his friend Danny Rand, he organized the only agency in the city.
Much later, Luke became a member of New Avengers. During the Civil War, he was one of the main supporters of Captain America and continued his work after the death of the legendary hero.
Luke Cage 1 season release date is expected in summer of 2016. All episodes will be available for binge-watching on Netflix online service.
There is no information about the release date of Luke Cage 1 season on DVD or Bluray.
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