Love Thy Neighbor Season 7

The recent chapter of the sitcom was overloaded with new challenges that the members of the family accept with much dignity. However, the agenda touches the series future exactly. What will it be? Let’s get to answering this question.

With Reference to the Production Issues

The story has been one of the settlers on OWN since 2013 when the release of the first chapter was held. Related to the genre of the situational comedy, the project comes to be a popular one as it has been created by the one and the only Tyler Perry and his team united in Tyler Perry Studios. This person is talent in practically all spheres that touch the matter of cinematography. He is a director, an author here, as well as the leader of the team of executives.
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The acting crew contains such names as Patrice Lovely, Kendra C. Johnson, Andre Hall,  Palmer Williams Jr., and some others.
The series has already six cycles under its belt with the latest one having premiered in this July 2016.

Plot Summary

The main heroine is joyful diner owner named Hattie Mae Love who is 75 years old, can you possibly imagine this?
She is surrounded by the members of her large family including her daughters named Linda and Danny, as well as Linda’s uncle Floyd Stanley Jackson. They are also at the center of narration in the sitcom.
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The main action is set in the old locomotive that has been transformed into the Love Train Diner. You may guess now that the series touches the story of everyday challenges that main characters are facing. Their interactions with customers of the diner get all of us laugh, surely. The success of their business is something obvious though there are always some troubles appearing in front of them.
In the latest season, the marriage of Danny comes to threaten the friendly ties between Sam and Drew, since, with it, their lifestyles turn to become completely different.

Ranking Level

The series target audience includes mostly African Americans. Consequently, in such a way we could explain the viewership in the first several cycles that constituted 1 million people. And this was superb indeed for such a show.
Nevertheless, getting closer to the latest sixth installment, we are left to deal with 50% decline. Is it sufficient to renew the project in fact?
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Renewal Predictions

On trying to answer the above question, we should state first and foremost that there is always a chance of the renewal if the audience needs it truly. This energetic story that gets us feel positive emotions deserves more and more chances in spite of the decline in viewership. And it is not only our opinion, it is the point-of-view of the whole fan base of the series. Thus, the series resumption for the seventh installment is in the cards.
There is no waiting yet for the Love Thy Neighbor season 7 release date appearing this year. Nevertheless, let’s keep our ears out for more info. Subscribe to our service if you are hungry for more details and you get notified as soon as info emerges.


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