Love Child Season 3

The serial depicting the life at one Australian hospital has got resumption for a third season sticking around in such a way on the local channel. The exact date of new episodes launch should be still scheduled. So it’s time to be attentive now in order not to miss the premiere.

What is known exactly about the serial?

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Being a feather in the cap of the immediate creator Sarah Lambert, the serial under the name “Love Child” is basically a drama that follows the working and personal aspects of lives of doctors and patients at a hospital situated in Australia, particularly in Sydney.
The serial was opened with the launch of the pioneer episode at the end of winter 2014 while the sophomore chapter was put to airing beginning from May of the previous year. This time, the launch of the new installments of the serial seems like being also postponed as so far there is no information available about the Love Child season 3 release date.

Plot details

The story centers on the immediate residents and workers of the hospital as a whole. The serial is politically directed. Specifically, it is depicting the political system which urges mothers under the legal age to leave their new-born children for a subsequent adoption by more consistent adult people.
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The very action is set in the previous century if to be more concrete in the far 60s. In those times, it was a great issue for struggling. Underage mothers were attempting to get all full rights to bring up their kids. Leaving them under their will, they were trying to find them when becoming adults.
The serial revolves also around the hard work of doctors at the hospital who should lock their emotions while performing their duties as expressing feelings in the unsuitable way which contravenes the ethical rules of doctors can lead to consequences.
So the serial has a firm historical background portraying the times of sexual and cultural revolution in Australia at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century.

Some rating numbers and renewal issues

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According to the up-to-date statistics, the serial has garnered already its own viewership. The whole amount of audiences can be evaluated in approximately 1.3 million people. This seems like being enough for creating the sequential installments. On IMDb, we are dealing with the above average scoring that constitutes more than 7.5 points from 10.
Additionally, the serial has got nominations for various prestigious awards. The critical acclaim is unanimous. And there is no surprise in it as the story is compelling and based on real lives of people. It touches the heart’s strings of every watcher of this serial.
For now, the serial turns to be already resumed for another run, this time, number three. However, there is no data concerning the exact launch date. So we must be ready to receive news any day that’s why it is important to monitor the situation.


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