Lone Star Restoration Season 2

Lone Star Restoration Season 2 Release Date


Lone Star Restoration is a documental serial, which will amaze by all the presented episodes. The season premiere was in October this year, but the new season is already available for everyone. The Lone Star Restoration 2 Season release date is the 27th of October in the year of 2016.


In this serial, you will see not so big cast of Actors. But they will amaze you by the outstanding play. The Main role is played by Brent, and you will see, how talented and professional he is.

The producers of this serial are Jim Buss, Dany Downing, Colby Hover, David Lewis. The directors are Christine Lakas and Todd Troop.


In this serial, you will see the most outstanding and talented builder in the US. His name is Brent and he is the very famous person, so lots of people have a wish to ask him for a help in order to change something in their lives. You must know, that he is very experienced – he works in this sphere for 20 ages and all the time people are satisfied with the results of his work.

With the time he creates his own team, which is also very experienced and outstanding. But the most important thing in his life is his beautiful Labrador retriever by the name of Romeo. Together with him and his team, they create the most unusual projects, which are full of Interesting details and peculiarities.

His seeing of the problem is rather unpredictable, so sometimes it is too hard to understand, what he want to do, and why he want to do one or another thing. One day his project was the underground liquor vault and here he has a lot of problems of different character. But when the time had gone, he realized, that his life changed greatly and now he is happy to be the man, who has such an Interesting work with great income.

So, in the new season of the serial you will have an opportunity to see, what does it mean, to be a professional builder. Each episode he will make the new task and it helps him to live the life fully and to help people.


To be honest, this serial will be Interesting for people, who work in such sphere and for those, who have a wish to change his or her life into a better side as well.

Each new episode will present you the advantages and disadvantages of working in building the sphere.

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