Lockwood Season 1 Release Date

Lockwood Season 1 Release Date


Lockwood season 1 is a brand new teen/mystery drama that is going to hit out screens in 2017. Currently there is practically no news about the cast of the show or the channel that will broadcast it. The series is in the stage of pre-production and can’t be expected to be released earlier than spring of 2017.

So, let’s assume (not officially) that Lockwood season 1 episode 1 release date is going to happen in Q1 of 2017. Wait for the official confirmation and updates.


In Lockwood season 1 premiere there is mostly young cast – Stacee Myers, Raven Ewing, Corey Olenick Buckhouse Brandon, Valentino Hector and David Jr Anna Gion. The first season of Lockwood will be directed by Sean Waters.


In Lockwood season 1 episode you will see Lockwood that a mysterious town with even more mysterious individuals. Tesla  & Chelcie Cummings move from Philadelphia after their parents death to live with their cousin, Tyler  & his family. What Tesla  & Chelcie don’t know about the death of their parents is which it was no accident. After the girls move to town things initiate to get really strange. Lockwood High School students initiate vanishing. it’s up to Tesla, Chelcie, Tyler  & their friends to get to the bottom of vanishances before it’s too late.

Interesting Facts

Lockwood season 1 premiere is far from us right now, but there is an audition in the process and the Actors have some facts about the Main characters which are:

Malcolm McCoy who is 16 years old. Malcolm is the wild, friendly gathering fellow at Lockwood High School. He is socially adequate and everybody knows who he is. He is the most prominent person in the school and the commander of the football group. He lives in Lockwood and raised under the benefit of being Terry McCoy’s child. Malcolm’s dad was an ex-NFL player, which makes individuals begrudge his life. Malcolm was raised to be reasonably fascinated by games. Malcolm can’t control himself in the wake of discovering his mom was murdered helping them reveal the town’s mystery. Malcolm points the finger at himself for her passing, yet accuses more for Tesla. Malcolm and Tesla have a rough relationship begin yet the two battled through their disparities in Season 1, until the passing of Victoria McCoy;

Tyler Cummings is 17 years old. Tyler is the lead male hero. Tyler was brought up in the secretive town of Lockwood. He is the most youthful offspring of Ted and Barbara Cummings and has one more seasoned kin, Taylor. Tyler is a battling secondary school understudy. He tries to adjust his social existence with his terrible evaluations. Tyler’s dad is the key at Lockwood so it makes things significantly more troublesome for him. Tyler gets some answers concerning Chelcie and Tesla’s folks that night the young ladies did. Tyler persuades the young ladies to live with his family. He is depicted as a renegade. He is athletic and a great many people observe him to be a rascal. Tyler depends on medications and liquor to awe individuals. He is a star on the football group. Tyler spirals crazy with his medication and liquor use after his mother was left for dead. Tyler is closest companion with his neighbor, Christian Rockwell. He is additionally dear companions with Frankie Chandler and Malcolm McCoy. Tyler been dating on-and-off with Miranda Solomon. He battles in Season on when he tries to adjust his medication habit and his group of friends.

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