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If you are of small size, it doesn’t, in fact, mean that you cannot lead your life in the normal way like other people do. The serial under the title “Little Women: LA” is particularly about this. The show is at its fourth stage now and we are hoping for the inspiring news to come from the developers about the renewal for the fifth season.

Brief review: creators, premiere, star cast

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Little Women: LA is considered to be a reality TV serial executive produced by Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Mariana Flynn, Chris Coelen, Karrie Wolfe, Katie Griffin and Terra Jole. The immediate creator of the show is reckoned to be Gerald Massimei. The series is broadcast on the network titled TLC. The star cast consists of Tonya Rene? Banks, Terra Jole, Elena Gant, and some others.
The pioneer season was put on the schedule already in 2014. The latest season was launched at the end of January 2016. In the whole we are in possession currently of 48 episodes.

What is the reality show about?

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The story revolves around the mundane everyday lives of five female friends. Possessing various tempers and characters, they are united by their disability which doesn’t seem fortunately like disturbing them. The thing is that they are people with a very little size.
These five women set off on a trip to California. Every day they demonstrate that their short size is not a matter of vital concern to them. They lead the normal life as all other people in the world do. They are optimistic and often very impulsive and this considerably adds to their impressive charisma.
These women lives are filled with relationships, parenting, friendship, and career matters. They are considered to be that essential support to each other against all the odds.

Ratings and resumption potential

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The story about the impulsive yet very kind small women has touched the raw nerve of the viewers. The reviews from critics and common watchers are mainly positive. So the serial was accepted with flying flowers. They are presented as a kind of inspiration and a good example for those who are distinguished by bad mood due to their disabilities. If you are disabled, it’s not the reason to give up, it is the reason to become stronger and show the world that you are normal as others.
And now as far the concrete numbers are concerned. The show has its; own regular audience which counts more than 1 million viewers. The show is, by the way, watched both by men and by women in the age fluctuating at 25-55.
In spite of above-average ratings, the show is yet to be renewed for the fifth season. Let’s hope that is only about the matter of time, nothing else. The story is obviously worth being continued with the same cast on the board.
So the Little Women: LA season 5 release date is currently unknown as well as the possibility of the resumption. Stay tuned in order to get as much information as possible about your favorite reality show straight from the reliable official resources.


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