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The little couple from TLC (Season 10, release date – January 5, 2016) is a new program shown on the TLC channel, in which you will meet with Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three children: six-year old Jack and three-year twins Kate and CC, which, growing up, becomemore and more different from each other.

Like any other family, they go to work, to school and spend time together, but with one difference: they are the little people. So people life is not easy in the average world, and Jack grows up, Kate and CC start to have more differences between each other. Dan and Michelle instruct them and share with them the experience, learn how to adapt to life in a world not made for them. For Hamill The most important thing is that their children have grown up strong and proud of who they are. Despite their growth, they are the same as all the others. The world is huge, and you never know – maybe they will never know what is around the corner there, but Hamill will overcome any obstacle, until they are together as a family.


In this show you will not meet with the Actors, and with a real family:

  • Michelle Hammill
  • Dan Hammill
  • Keith Hammill
  • CC Hammill
  • Jack Hammill


Dan and Michelle Hammill have three children – son Jack (6 years old) and three-year twin daughters, Kate and CC. This is an ordinary family, with one exception: all of them are the little people. The world around us is not just huge, it is also ill-suited for those who are not covered by its standards, so Hemmilles have a hard time. Children still do not realize that they are not like the others, but Dan and Michelle do all possible to be sure that they are very convenient to use standard machines, the standard of public transport, basic furnishings, not to mention the fact that the clothes they occasionally have to look in children’s stores.

But Hemmilles do not lose heart and try not to pay attention to the inconveniences. They note family celebrations, meet with friends, throw parties and try to have their children grew up strong and cheerful. They teach them to adapt to the larger world and still be themselves. Hemmilles are ready to overcome any difficulties, because mutual understanding in the family – it’s a great advantage for any growth.


This TV show is a popular documentary that tells the Story of a real family life.

There are rumors that we will meet again with the family Hammill in 11 season, where our favorite heroes are waiting for new test.

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