Limitless 2 Season Release Date

Limitless 2 season release date

Limitless 2 season release date was approved. The details about the second season are disclosed below.

CBS has approved the production of Limitless 2 season premiere and set the dates for next fall season. What to expect from Limitless season 2 episode 1?
The Plot:
Everyone remembers that the original movie by Neil Burger with the same title was in 2011 and won a lot of positive reviews. Directing part of the new series is really the star. Here and Marc Webb, known to us by a new film about "Spider-Man" and the notorious Guillermo Navarro, who gave us such great series as Hannibal, Narcos, The Bridge and many other exciting projects.
Recall that the plot revolves around an experimental drug NZT that is able to put to work the parts of the human brain that have not been used. A man who took the drug is able to recall a variety of things that he once heard or read randomly, and increased performance to the limit. However, this drug is addictive and there are people who want to conquer this "miracle pill" at any cost.

Limitless 2 season release date was approved

That’s when the main character, trying NZT, discovers his superhuman abilities. The show also featured an FBI agent played by Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter). And even that turned out to be very useful – the producer and occasional actor of the new series is a popular actor from the original movie Bradley Cooper.
Limitless 2 season release date was scheduled for fall of 2016.
There is no information about the release date of Limitless 2 season on Bluray and DVD.
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