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The Level Season 2 Release Date


The Level is the British TV serial, which will present you the police procedurals. The season premiere was on September this year. And now we have a wish to present you the second season. The Level 2 Season release date is the 24th of October in the year of 2016.


In that serial, you will see the most outstanding cast. Among the Main and recurrent roles you will see the next talented people:

  • Lindsey Coulson and Rob James-Collier.
  • Noel Clarke and Philip Glenister.
  • Lorne MacFadyen and Jane Hazlegrove.
  • Cian Binchy and Ruth Madeley.
  • Kelly Harrison and Gary Lewis.
  • Ashley Kumar and Rupert Procter.
  • Karla Crome and Laura Haddock.
  • Amanda Burton and Joe Absolom.
  • Geoff Bell and Suzanne Packer.
  • Kate Miles and Grace Pennington.
  • Alfie Pennington and Hara Yannas.
  • Hussain Raja and Neil Reidman.
  • Doug Allen and Alison Lintott.
  • Lucy Black and Jeff Francis.
  • Ronak Patani and Dev Sagoo.
  • Aasiya Shah and Adam Lazarus.
  • Amanda Smith and Daniel Westwood.

The directors of the serial are Mark Everest and Andy Goddard. Among the producers, it is important to notice Chris Ballantyne, Jane Dauncey, Polly Leys, Kate Norrish.


The Main hero here is detective Nancy Devlin, who is really independent and career-driven. She comes back to the East Sussex, where she lives, when she was a small girl because here a lot of strange events happened. Here the criminal company appeared and its owner is presented in the first place. His name is Frank Le Saux and he was the closest person for Nancy.

Together they try to investigate the crime and both they understand, that this mission is not only important but also very dangerous. In the course of the investigation, they will meet the ordinary family, but they didn’t expect, that it will help them to find the really guilty person.


People, who like to watch unusual serials, will be very happy to see this one. Here you will see the Interesting season, which is rich with unexpected moments and events. Each new episode will satisfy you.

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