“Leah Remini: Everything is relative” Season 3

"Leah Remini: Everything is relative" Season 3


"Leah Remini: Everything is relative" (Season 3, release date – unknown) – this is a very Interesting episode, which tells about the life of the famous actress and model Leah Remini. As such, viewers have the opportunity to meet with the family of the heroine and find out Interesting details of her life. The camera constantly monitors all the ups and downs of her relationship with her spouse Angelo, 9-year-old daughter Sophia, Vicki’s mother, step-father George and her sister Shannon.


We cannot say that in this show there are Actors, but viewers can get acquainted with the family of the Main character:

  • Leah Remini
  • Angelo Pagan
  • Vicky Marshall
  • Shannon Farrara
  • George Marshall
  • Raffy Ganimian
  • William Kilmartin
  • Jessica Gurney


The plot of the series tells the Story of Leah Remini, a famous American actress and model, who played a variety of roles in television series. It is worth noting that the most vivid of all her roles was the role of a funny little woman in the sitcom "The King of Queens."

But it is necessary to have fun in real life. Leah married to Angelo’s for 10 years and she has a daughter Sofia who is 9 years old. In this series we will show what is a real life of the famous and popular stars. You cross the threshold of her house and see how Leah combines her job, celebrity life and family. Leah`s everyday life more fun and much more Interesting than any of the series and TLC viewers have the opportunity to see this project through, "Leah Remini: Everything is relative." The cameras were installed in the house of celebrity to capture weekdays and holidays, scandals and reconciliation, showing unimaginable turmoil posed by Leah and her relatives.

Leah lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Angelo Pagan, whom she met on the set of the series "The King of Queens." They grow 9-year-old daughter, Sofia, which tends to pull the attention of not only parents, but also the audience of the project "Leah Remini: Everything is relative." Add to this the classic Jewish mum Vicki, eccentric stepfather George, Shannon’s sister – perhaps the only practical person in this house. Adds pepper nanny Sophia – in a word, the house looks like a boiling cauldron in which no one is bored!


This film is not quite the TV series, but rather a reality show that shows the real life of the famous actress and model Leah Remini.

Ratings 8 season of the show does not quite certain, why is there no information on the continuation of the shootings and 9 of the season.

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