The Last Kingdom Season 2

Brief Review

What is The Last Kingdom? It is a fresh historical drama on the British channel, BBC Two, specifically. Following it, we dive into the world of Saxons and Danes. The basis of the story is the series of books penned by Bernard Cornwell. The action takes place in the tenth century. From Carnival Film and Television, The Last Kingdom debuted in the previous autumn. The first season premiere is dated back to October 22, 2015, exactly. The broadcast was held in the UK and in the USA the week prior to the British opening. The fate of the project is determined in favor of the project. The Last Kingdom season 2 release date remains to be confirmed. The acting cast includes the following performers:

  • Alexander Dreymon,
  • David Dawson,
  • Brian Vernel,
  • Ian Hart,
  • Adrian Bower,
  • Emily Cox,
  • Amy Wren and many others.

Narrative Summary

At the center of the narration, there is a conflict between the Saxons and the Danes. Some people compare this series to the highly popular The Game of Thrones but the latter is a well-developed figment. This serial has a firm historical basis that is as much compelling as The Game of Thrones is, in fact.
The Last Kingdom Season 2 date release

Uhred was kidnapped as a boy by the family of Danes. Being a Saxon by the origin, he has been raised following traditions of Danes. Now he is a warrior and needs to face the choice. Who is he? A Saxon or a Dane? How can he identify himself? Follow the story and the main character’s journeys and you will get to know how it is hard to make a choice between your roots and people who have brought you up as a decent person.
The Last Kingdom Season 2

Ratings and Reviews

The series is a compelling drama received by both critics and ordinary watchers. The story is well written while the characters are strong. There is no even any essence in doubting this.

While the viewership per each new episode is highly decent, the scores on various aggregator websites are also impressive. On IMDb, the rating constitutes 8.3 out of 10. It is enough to keep creating the following chapters.
The Last Kingdom Season 2

Following Developments

When will the following season release date be exposed? Yet in December 2015, it was announced that the next chapter would appear in the future. So we are going to follow more of Uhred’s exciting adventures. The new season air date is still to be defined. Stay tuned if you are interested in this news and you will be notified as soon as something is announced.

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