Kong: Kings of the Apes Season 2

Kong: Kings of the Apes Season 2 Release Date


That is a children animated serial, that will be also interesting for adults. The beginning of it started in April this year, but now you will see the continuation of the story – the second season premiere.


When we talk about the cast to such serial, we must notice the following people:

  • Kathleen Barr and Shannon Chan-Kent.
  • Alessandro Juliani and Viv Leacock.
  • Tabitha St. Germain and Lee Tockar.
  • Vincent Tong and Sam Vincent.

The serial is produced by Avi Arad, Allen Bohbot, and Alexandra Bland. The music is written by Allen Bohbot. The editor of the film is Sean Catherine Derek.


That show wouldn’t repeat he Skull Island Story. Here in the center of attention children an adults will see the giant ape and the chaos, which was cause in the year of 2050. The world was terrified by robotic dinosaurs and people didn’t know, what they must do to overcome the problem.

Also in the story you will see three kids, who are the real genius. They believe, that with help of their power they will make peace in the world. On the first steps their deals wasn’t so bad, but when the time gone, everything changed into the other side.

It is so hard to describe the whole problem, but a lot of people believe, that when they do everything, that they can, it will change the situation into a better side.


Pay attention, that such an animated cartoon will amaze the children, who are under the age of 8-13. Babies wouldn’t understand the plot, so they mustn’t see it, just show it, when the time will come.

Adults will also appreciate such serial at all. If you want to see, what this serial is about, we propose you to begin from the first season. Together with your child you would be so glad to see such film and to understand, what it is about.

Each episode lasts not so long, so children wouldn’t be bored in the time, when they watch it. The duration of one new episode is 22 minutes. The Kong: Kings of the Apes 2 Season release date is 16th of June in the year of 2016, so now it is available for everyone. When you will notice the season air date, it will be the same.

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