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The Knick Season 3 Release Date


The Knick is an American drama, which was created by Michael Begley and Jack Amiel. We can say, that it is a version of worldwide Knickerbocker Hospital, which appears in movies in the twentieth century. The season premiere of the serial was in October in the year of 2014 on Cinemax channel.


A lot of talented actors have the roles in such film. Among them we must mention the following cast:

Clive Owen and Jeremy Bobb.

Andre Holland and Juliet Rylance.

Michael Angarano and Eve Hewson.

Cara Seymour and Eric Johnson.

Chris Sullivan and David Fierro.

Grainger Hines and Maya Kazan.

Leon Addison Brown and Matt Frewer.

Charles Aitken and Zaraah Abrahams.

Rachel Korine and LaTonya Borsay.

Michael Nathanson and Tom Lipinski.

It was written by Michael Begley and Jack Amiel. The serial is directed by Steven Soderbergh. The composer is Cliff Martinez and the producer is Michael Polaire.


That season will help you to understand, what does it mean – modern hospital. Here you can see, how hard it is to work with different patients because each of them wanted to care as more as possible. Besides, here you can see the relationship between doctors and how they have enough time to live the life and to be the best in everything. Also, you can see, what happen, when the patient comes to a hospital.


The duration of one new episode is approximately 42-57 minutes. We must notice, that such season of the serial is period and medical drama. So, that serial will be interesting for adults.

The Knick 3 season release date is the 9th of February this year. It can also be named as season air date.

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