Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City Season 2

Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City Season 2 Release Date


Kevin Hart Presents: Heart of the City is a comedian serial with reality effects. The season premiere was on October this year and now we are ready to present the fans the new season of the unforgettable and rather Interesting serial. The Kevin Hart Presents: Heart of the City 2 Season release date is the 20th of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of this TV show, we must mention, that here you will see the only one man, who will amaze you at all. His name is Kevin Hart and he will introduce you, what the laugh is and must people do not to have problems in their lives.

The producer and director of this show are Kevin Hart, so you will understand, that he is a great comic and a very talented person in all the branches.


In the center of this amusement TV show, you will see Kevin Darnell Hart. He is a producer from Philadelphia, also he plays the role of actor, comic and writer. He won a lot of awards, especially NAACP Awards, BET Award, Teen Choice Awards. Besides, this talented man was nominated for other awards, because people believe, that his comedic performances are rather cool.

Not so long ago he launched a new TV project, because he is sure, that people will love it and it will help them to have a good mood, despite all the problems of everyday life.

The second season will be the most unforgettable because it is presented in the form of Standup Comedy Series. A lot of stories of his life took place here, so that’s why his show is so popular – people love him and they are happy to get such an opportunity and to know more about their idol.

A Comedy Club is a Mainstream in our time, so Kevin do the right thing and now he works a lot to amaze people and to give them positive thoughts each time. His show and people, who work under it, visited different cities. We must say, that he had visited Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Sacramento. He introduced the fresh jokes for people from this places and all of them are very appreciated by the viewers.


Each new episode of this show is really great, so if you have a bad mood, just watch it and you will have fun.

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Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City Season 2 2
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Hart of the City – Steppin’

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