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Ken Season 3 Release Date


Dr. Ken is an American multi-camera comedy with the elements of sitcom. It appeared in the year of 2015 and now we will present you the most interesting and exciting 3rd season premiere.


Here we will see the main and the recurrent cast. Among the main actors we must mention:

  • Ken Jeong in the role of Dr. Kendrick. He is narcissistic and practical person, who loves his family, but scared to show his feelings.
  • Suzy Nakamura as Dr. Allison Park. She is Kendrick`s wife and mother of Molly.
  • Tisha Campbell-Martin, who play the role of Damona Watkins.
  • Jonathan Slavin, who play the role of Leslie Beavers.
  • Albert Tsai as Dave Park.
  • Krista Marie Yu in the role of Molly Park.
  • Kate Simses in the role of Dr. Julie Dobbs.
  • Dave Foley as Pat Hein.
  • Dana Lee in the role of D.K. Park.

Among the recurring cast we must notice such characters:

  • Alexis Rhee in the role of In-Sook Park.
  • Marques Ray, who play the role of Juan-Julio.

Also here you will see a big amount of stars:

  • Margaret Cho and Dr. Oz.
  • Joel McHale and Danny Pudi.
  • Jim Rash and Ian Chen.
  • Randall Park and George Wyner.
  • Jeff Ross.

It is created by Ken Jeong, Jared Stern, John Fox. The composer is Gabriel Mann. Among the executive producers we must mention Ken Jeong, John Davis, John Fox, Jared Stern, Mike Sikowitz, and Mike O`Connell.


In the center of that story you will see the chronicles of life of one famous physician, who has Korean and American roots. He works in private hospital together with his wife. He also has 2 children – clueless son and self-centered daughter.

It is rather interesting to see, how they try to make a lot of deals and live the life fully. Big family is not so easy, because each person requires the attention. That’s why, they try to make a lot of efforts to spend the time together and living as all the normal families does.


If you are a physician too, you will see, how interesting that serial is. Each new episode will amaze you, because here a lot of different diseases will be solved. If you have a free time, you must watch that serial as soon as possible.

The Dr. Ken 3 Season release date is the 16th of October this year. When we start to talk about season air date, you mustn’t remember, that it is the same.

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