Jordskott Season 2

As a new series by Swedish production, Jordskott turns to narrate about Josefine’s disappearance one day under strange circumstances. The serial is a newbie on the local channel called SVT. So the second chapter is yet to be confirmed.

Brief review

As a new addition to the genre of mystery thriller, the series entitled “Jordskott” is a Nordic story produced in Sweden. The series broadcast is held on the local channel called SVT.
The series production company is called Palladium Fiction with the distribution being the matter of concern to ITV Studios Global Entertainment.
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Now the series is composed of only one chapter that includes ten episodes with the duration of each one constituting about an hour.
The series success can be taken for granted, for the plot is packed with the suspense and realistic depiction of investigation of the case.
The premiere of the series was held in the previous February and since then there has been nothing said about the possibility of the second season launch.
Getting back to the behind-the-scene crew, we should mention that creation is behind Filip Hammarstr?m as a producer and Henrik Bj?rn as a director. As for the acting cast, it is composed of such names as Moa Gammel, G?ran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren and Johannes Brost.

Getting you wise of the storyline

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It is an investigative story that turns to narrate about the disappearance of one girl named Josefine. It is a daughter of the police officer. The loss occurred seven years before the story of the series started to unfold. So it is a kind of prehistory.
Therefore, seven years of the case exploration resulted in nothing in fact. But one day a young boy goes missing also in the same ancient Swedish forest called Silverh?jd and Eva Th?rnblad renews the unraveling of the mystery in the hope that her daughter is still alive though everyone has been assuring her that she has drowned after the abduction.

What is the ranking level?

The opening season turned to be nothing but a breakthrough of the Swedish television with the investigation story being praised specifically for wonderful, contemporary Nordic drama that is an intense and gripping watch. The reviews are favorable even from the critical side while the viewership comprises now about 1.5 million people. Taking into account the popularity of the channel, it is a kind of success, nothing else.
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The developers of this project were willing to bring it to the UK audience by means of launching it on ITV Encore which can be a perfect British home for the series.

Concerning news about the possible resumption

The state of affairs is such that the series is yet to be defined in terms of its future. Though the ratings are to inspire the developers to continue the project, they are keeping mum even about the feasibility of the renewal. So there is nothing to be said surely about the Jordskott season 2 release date. We recommend you being in the swim now as breaking news may come out at any moment now.


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