The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 2

It has become recently known that the series under the title “The Jim Gaffigan Show” is to be continued in the second season. An excellent comedy about daily family routine is coming back, thus, on our TV screens to please us with new jokes and laughter.

Short outline

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The series is of an American production. The first season consisted of 30-minutes long episodes. The home channel is reckoned to be TVLand. Traditionally, the episodes were broadcast on Wednesday.
Those who admire the stand-up show of the comedian Jim Gaffigan are obviously to be caught by his charm also in the series. The series is full of a large number of jokes that attract viewer’s attention by being so true-to-life. The thing is that the characters remind people their own on-goings. The series is mocking at busy life of parents who have the entire range of children are who are trying to combine work, laziness, and family in their daytime.


The show expands upon a true life of a real famous comedian named Jim Gaffigan. The actor plays himself actually. It is considered being a kind of inspiration from events that take place in the real life of parents and family in general.
The main character tries to balance somehow his roles of a comedian and a father and a severe man with his own point-of-view.
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In the series, Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan are the residents of  a small flat together with their five restless kids.
Michael Rosenbaum is as a kind of speculator who assumes the unusual personality of a gay pastor in a small town.

The rating review

TV Land producers prepared some figures and told that The Jim Gaffigan Show average rating constitutes about 4 million viewers per week while the Impastor average numbers are around 2.8 million people. The two series are the most popular on TV Land. But if to be fair, some episodes of The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor were not included to the top 50 cable airings of the night.
This, however, presents not so much meaning to TV Land, because it is now on its way of a rebranding by means of involving single-cam comedies to its broadcast and increasing its reputation level for multi-cam shows which casts consist of our beloved actors from 1990. The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor have already joined Younger as the new performances on TV Land. What is going to be next? Certainly it will be a bloody medieval drama in the genre of a fantasy and additionally with the erotic implications. However, these are only raw suppositions. Let’s wait for some time and we will see something new from TVLand again.
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When to expect the second season?

The home channel has made an order for the second season of the discussed show before the end of the release of the finale episodes. The network did not also forget about “Impastor” having renewed in for the following chapter.
Much to the viewers’ regret, The Jim Gaffigan Show season 2 release date is, however, still unknown due to the series being currently under way.


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