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Those who love romance and comedy being mixed in one movie are welcome to follow the third installment of the serial under the title “Jane the Virgin” in the future. The launch date is yet unknown making us getting ready to inform you as soon as the news comes.


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Being accepted with flying flowers, the award-winning serial under the title “Jane the Virgin” makes for the mixture of genres in fact including such as soap opera and comedy together with a satire show. Doesn’t it sound quite unnatural for you? At least, for one this feature it deserves your attention. In fact, the serial reposes on the famous Venezuelan soap opera titled “Juana la Virgen”.
The very serial is considered to be created by Jenny Snyder Urman on the order coming from the American TV network called CW. The very fabrication was entrusted to such companies as Poppy Productions, RCTV International, Electus, Warner Bros. Television and surely cooperating with CBS Television Studios.
The acting cast of the serial is composed of such performers as Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni.
The debut was set on the home channel in the middle of autumn in 2014. As the present situation shows us, we have only two seasons at disposal though waiting for the premiere of the third one.

What can we say about the plot?

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The narrative follows the twists and unexpected on-goings in the life of the main heroine named Jane Villanueva. Once consulting a doctor her life couldn’t resume its natural course. The thing is that Jane turns to be artificially inseminated through error. The name of a donor is Rafael Solano who is reckoned to be her ex love at growing age. Now Rafael is in possession of his own hotel where Jane is working.
The viewers are following the development of their feelings. This is the main theme of the story that is fully packed with humor, lively heroes, and unexpected shifts in the narrative, thus, everything you need for watching an interesting serial.

Regarding ratings

Both the brilliant performance of actors and a creatively developed storyline have contributed to the immediate success of the story being highly appraised by critics and common watchers. The viewership is composed of a practically steady number of watchers including 1 million people per episode with a slight decline by 15%. However, it cannot be the reason for hesitating about resumption.

When to expect the release of the following chapter?

Although the premiere of the sophomore season has been held quite recently, the developers have decided much to the luck of the loyal following of the show not to tip toe about the issue of the possible revival of the series in the future. So as we are aware now, the serial is renewed for another installment. As the matter stands, to speak now regarding the Jane the Virgin season 3 release date is ahead of the game. But be sure that staying with us is the guarantee for you to get to know all details about the show timely.

Update: Jane the Virgin Season 3 Part 2 Release Date Out!

We are happy to tell you that Jane the Virgin Season 3 is no longer just a plan. Not that you didn’t know that, of course, unless you’re one of those unfortunate souls who missed the update about the third season’s release date.
Perhaps, you’re asking yourself why we would announce something after a new season has come out.  After all, what’s done is done, and unless an entirely new season is coming, there is no need to announce anything. Right?
Normally, that would be so. But in this instance, we have somewhat unusual circumstances to blame. The show’s airing was interrupted midseason. Not permanently, don’t worry. In fact, season 3 is coming back on January 23, 2017. Or rather, its second part is.
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