Iron Fist 1 Season Release Date

Iron Fist 1 season release date

Iron Fist 1 season release date was confirmed by Netflix network. The details are disclosed below.

The cult sci-fi comic series Iron Fist from MCU is currently in the production by Netflix. In November, we will be able to watch Iron Fist 1 season premiere. What to expect from Iron Fist season 1 episode 1?
This is the joint project of "ABC Television Studio", "Marvel Entertainment" and "The Walt Disney Company" while the TV show will be shown on Netflix. The shooting process is headed by Scott Buck famous franchise "Dexter", the script was written by him. According to official information, the shooting of the first season will be completed in February 2016.

The Plot:

The protagonist, Daniel Rand, very human development from childhood parents considered him a smart and very clever boy. As a result of unforeseen circumstances – the accident happened to him, he gained the ability to control alien, powerful energy "Qi".
During the training of mountain-skiing accident, Daniel breaks down into the abyss, waking up in an unknown place gained supernatural powers. In addition, to his athletic and acrobatic data souped he became a superhero of the grand universe.
The main characteristic energy "Qi" gives the fast regeneration – restoration of the entire body in a matter of seconds, after total-most deadly destruction.

Iron Fist 1 season release date was confirmed by Netflix network

But that’s not the whole list of newfound strength Daniel – he is able to concentrate all the power and energy in their fists.
Before Daniel, there is a choice to use their power for good or evil? Choosing the bright side of the main character will still lead him to the path of struggle against evil.

Iron Fist 1 season release date was confirmed for November 11, 2016.
DVD and Bluray release date of Iron Fist 1 season will happen in 2016.
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